In Search of Pietons by Bill Bolton

In Search of Pietons by Bill Bolton : ★★★ 1/2☆☆

Did you know that France had different Illuminated Pedestrian Crossing signs (IPCs)? Honestly I didn’t know it until I read and saw the photographs from this photo documentary. Bill Bolton has indexed 25 different IPCs and each of them has unique features and lightning in this book.

At the beginning, the author explains how he got this passion of wandering around Paris to discover and take pedestrian crossing signs as pictures. I really liked the introduction and how it got me into thinking about the importance of a little walk. How much good it does for the body and so on. Another turning point about this photo documentary, is how it helped me realize that such little details can amaze us so much if only we take the time to look at them. We are surrounded  by an invisible force called time. Always rushing somewhere. And what’s better to represent that than pedestrian crossing sign? Those signs irritate not only the drivers, but also the pedestrians themselves when they are in a rush or have no patience to simply wait for their turn.

To be honest, if I had encountered this book at a library I would not personally take it since it is not my genre. I think it’s tricky and hard to review this kind of book since I don’t know much about photography (to tell you the truth, I was lost in the Photography Techniques Chapter) and there are not enough stories in it for it to be reviewed like a novel (which is what I usually do). I would have loved to see the author put his amazing writing talent on other subjects. With so little text, he was able to get me hooked so easily. Hopefully, Bill Bolton has other projects on his mind. I have to admit that reading about the fact that the author actually takes the time to photograph these symbols in the middle of the night and actually plans all this out in advance is quite impressive too!

Furthermore, the fun part of looking through the photographs is that  every pedestrian sign seems to have their own personality (business men, casual citizens, superheroes, etc.). Under the pictures, there is also a bar code scan to give you the address and let you locate the pedestrian signs in question. I tried it and it was pretty cool to see all the details and efforts that the author put in to give us such an amazing experience. I will surely take this book with me on my next vacation to Paris hahah 🙂 Just for the fun of spotting these fun ”pietons” !

For those who are interested, you can purchase the book here. Finally, one of the things that I really love about this project is that every time you purchase this book, a portion of the amount will be donated to two important charities: Cancer Fit, Inc and Best Friends Animal Society. This reason alone should get you to to purchase a copy of this photo documentary ! 😀

Thank you to Bill Bolton for sending us a copy for an honest review.

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