Power Shift by Robert Arthur Stayton

Power Shift : ★★★★☆

“When we learned to control fire, our first energy source from outside of our bodies, we permanently parted ways with the animal lifestyle. ”

– Robert Arthur Stayton, Power Shift

This book introduces us to a key word, energy, and how this same word makes us different from other animals. It’s such a great way to look at it because we usually talk in a scale of brain differences, a more biological aspect, instead of energy. Yes, we are after all the first species to actually control and produce energy. A detailed documentary with charts, tables and illustrations to really help the readers understand the great importance and the need of changing our ways of using energy, especially fossil energy is what Robert Arthur Stayton presents in Power Shift. Let’s face it people, climate change is a fact. It’s not hypothetical anymore and if you are still denying this fact, I suggest you read about it because the effects have already begun. Raising awareness about this matter is always primordial and important. Here’s a video that explains and summarizes well the problem:

“The scale of our energy use has increased so much that we now load 100 million tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere every day.”


The author explores a new alternative way of using energy : solar power. The book is really well structured, separated in 5 big parts, introduces the problem and in the end proposes an action plan and solutions. I’ve learned a lot about solar, nuclear energy and also about the methanol economy which is a great way to store it for ground transportation fuel, for example. However, reading this book also raises some questions about solar energy. What about the countries that do not have access to as many sun exposition as others? I live in Canada, and I’m telling you that our winter is pretty long.. hahaha. That is the dilemma (addressed in the book too)  because building the tools to capture the solar energy is pretty expensive and even more for the countries who do not receive a lot of sunlight, they have to build  a more refined technology to capture it.

“You buy energy, you consume energy, you buy more energy. The energy is ephemeral, dispersing as tepid heat into surroundings when you’re done with it, and you’re left with nothing but a need for more energy.


I would recommend this book to every consumer, because the information collected and vulgarized in this book are a great source of knowledge. You don’t even have to agree or disagree with the use and solutions from Solar Power. Simply read it for general culture and then reflect on our Earth’s future. You can purchase the book here ! 

Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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