The SHIVA Syndrome by Alan Joshua

The SHIVA Syndrome : ★★★★☆

“People only see and know what they’re conditioned to accept. If it doesn’t fit that ‘reality’, it’s rejected.”

– alan joshua, The Shiva syndrome

Excellent storytelling and really funny ! A mix of thriller and hard science fiction at the same time. The suspense was on point. I am usually not a big fan of science fiction but I have to admit that this book was really entertaining. Action scenes after action scenes, it was like being in a movie. Honestly, I WOULD LOVE to see this book on the big screen !

“[…] When sensory and symbolic realities merge, consciousness becomes extraordinary. The tirual becomes mythic, including but going beyond the senses.”


The novel introduces us to Beau Walker, a psychologist who finds himself dragged into a research team in Russia, helping the government with a top secret project. He teams up with the best specialists from different fields, also known as the Congress of the Elite constituted of a specialist in biology and cultural anthropology, a neuropsychiatrist, a geologist, a geophysicist, a bioengineer and many other. I really don’t want to spoil the plot more than that, because it is worth reading from the beginning to the end of the back cover. The storyline was well developed and set. Also, it has an amazing character development! The author puts a lot of details in that aspect with the help of humor, emotions, and unique personal traits. I also love the fact that Alan Joshua mentions in the story how myths and legends are not to be neglected even in science. I totally agree on that because I think we can get inspiration from them, maybe not believing them completely but they still always serve as a communication tool, with an important hidden message.

However, there are a lot of complex terminologies that had me wondering if someone who didn’t study in those science fields would be comfortable while reading the book. It can slow down or interrupt the reading a little bit, but then again, all the characters are scientists and may as well speak like one!

“Saving lives with existing organisms is one thing, developing new ones is another. If an ecosystem called for them, they’d exist already.”


Overall, it did mention really interesting themes, studying neurosciences and psychology. But on a more spiritual level, the book helps us discover the motivation behind one’s power or what the boundary in researching human’s capacities is. The book raises a lot of questions about our future technologies and what would become of it. If you want to be intellectually stimulated, make sure to grab your copy here !

A big thank you to the author for sending me this free book in exchange for an honest review 🙂 

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