The Sisters of Versailles by Sally Christie

img_5092My Rating: ★★★★☆

“Goodness, but sisters are a thing to fear.”

— Sally Christie, The Sisters of Versailles

          Siblings can be tough sometimes. Who am I kidding? ALL THE TIME. LOL. Sisters of Versailles dressed a beautiful portrait of five sisters who will have to fight for a place in the court of Versailles. Temptation, cheating, gossip, backstabbing, pretentious dialogues, lies, you will find it all in this book. I think one of the biggest forte of this book, is Sally Christie’s writing.  The Versailles descriptions are simply beautiful, great vocabulary and a great style with grace. I can feel that she put a lot of research and work in order to write this book. The historical facts are well-put, subtle and help lift up the story to a more interesting level. It makes a great historical fiction.  On a more personal note,  I have always loved that period in time, with glorious dresses, cute bows, fancy places where ball happens and cupcakes all day, everyday (Marie-Antoinette vibe). So reading about it is even more captivating and intriguing.


          But why not a 5 stars ? For those of you familiar with my reviews, I’m really picky with my 5-stars books hahah (more info here). First, the book got a little bit boring towards the end when you realize the pattern of the story and where it’s going.  The action scenes in between are great but it was kind of slow to my liking. It lacks that spark for a 5 star rating since the plot didn’t stand out that much and didn’t make me emotionally connected to the sisters.

          It is still a good story, I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good drama combined with history fiction. It reminds me of Mean Girls with that Parisian twist. Toxic relations and devious intentions 😉

         Big Thank You to the author for the free signed copy ! 🙂 She is super sweet too if you want to get to know her, visit her site here.  If you want a purchase a copy for yourself, click here ❤


          Since we are talking about Versailles, I want to put a word out there for what recently happened in Paris. It is a tragedy and we should all use this event to remind ourselves to be there for our loved ones, for we have a short life to live. We also should remind ourselves that we are one big nation, we shouldn’t point out and blame innocent people or culture. We should be conscious that what Paris lived for one night is what a lot of countries are living for many years. No one deserves those atrocities. Let’s put a candle for every lives that are leaving our world, and a kind thought for every family member and close ones of those victims. 



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