About Anna by Sophia Michelle Delanner


My rating : ★★★★★

“The gentlemen callers who charmed me and shared my bed were but salt in the wound […] Each one carried away a generous sliver of my heart, carved a hollow space into my soul, and only gave me fibroids, as they say.”

— Sophia Michelle Delanner, About Anna

            This is an amazing, witty, smart and powerful novel. It depicts the life of Anna, a Soviet immigrant who comes to America to seek a better life. We follow her journey inside out : relationships and family are at the heart of this story. I fell in love with the originality of the characters. Every single one of them is so unique, special and colorful. One’s personality and behaviour has always intrigued me. The writing is marvelous ! I was already impressed by the first sentences.


“Mother would still be Mother […] Her mind, prone to perodic eruptions of hysteria, was ruled by a humongous collection of phobias, big and small, for every occasion, need, and taste.”

— Sophia Michelle Delanner, About Anna

    What I find fascinating is the relationship between Anna and her mother, it’s so psychologically demanding and exhausting. Parents and children relationships are one of the dynamics that always interested me. Some dialogues between them were really relatable and I think anyone can relate to it as a mother or as a daughter. In the story, the author succeeds in mirroring the relationship between Anna and her mother and Anna and her daughter, Hannah. I can feel that the protagonist is doing all her best to not be like her mother by raising Hannah as healthy as possible. Everything is so compelling. From that first awkward conversation about sex with your child to the abusive boyfriends, Sophia Michelle Delanner definitely wrote a beautiful story here.

Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Big thank you to my lovely boyfriend for keeping the blog updated in my absence ❤ 

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