Monthly Wrap-Up – January 2016

monthly wrapuWhat’s going on everybody! ❤

    Bookidote has taken upon itself to start doing two monthly posts that gives our followers a wrap-up and a kick-off to every month. To start things off, we decided that the first month of 2016 could use a nice little wrap-up so that we can close thing’s off smoothly and begin a fresh new month with a fresh new breath. So without further ado, let’s get this monthly wrap-up going! 😀 Continue reading

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky


“Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth.”

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment

       We all know what’s the endgame here. Someone will commit a crime. Punishment will follow. Now, now. Don’t think it’s that simple. After all, we’re talking about Fyodor Dostoyevsky. This is actually the first novel I’ve read from him; not surprising is it. I’m actually glad that I can finally scratch off one of the most quintessential novel every bookworm should read in their lifetime. Yet, I still wish I could get more out of it. I wish this novel would span over my whole life so that I could find entertainment every single day, and never worry about being bored. Crime and Punishment is a classic fiction novel that documents the psychology of a murderer, Rodion Raskolnikov. As he plunges into a delusional world filled with despair and torture, his conscious continues to hold a strong grip on his life. His only way out lies within Sonya, a downtrodden prostitute. What does the world have in store for Raskolnikov after committing the greatest crime of all? Continue reading

Against The Reign by Dove Winters


My Rating: ★★☆(4,5)

“It’s certainly no place for children, or anyone respectable, definitely not a princess. But here I am.”


Laughing out loud. Check. Kick-ass princess. Check. Funny best friend. Check. Teasing and charismatic prince. Check. WHY IS THIS BOOK NOT POPULAR ALREADY? Hahah okay let’s take a moment to describe why I think this book is so awesome. It starts off with Ginny, the princess who doesn’t want to fit in the palace life. She enjoys runaway life, dancing in bars, fighting and most of all, she is enjoying not being the Queen, taking the heir. Yes, she hates it. She wants to do everything to avoid having to rule her kingdom. She even planned secretly to wait until her little brother can get married and just pass it on the crown to him. Unfortunately, one event is going to change her decisions forever. She will not have a choice but to accept the crown.
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Tomb of Truth by Courtney Anz


“It can grant life to someone in great need.

Or power to someone of great greed.

I trust you to protect it.”

— Courtney Anz, Tomb of Truth

          Fun, it was. Short, it was. Recommended for a more middle-grade audience, it was. While reading this novel, I had to put myself in a younger mentality. Only then was I able to truly see the creativity and humorous adventure that Courtney Anz has written and given for her audience to dwell in. Tomb of Truth is the story of Marina, a young teenager with fiery passion for seeking the truth; and also for fencing. After accidentally uncovering a hidden treasure among her mother’s belongings, Marina, unknowingly, set a course straight into Chinese history. However, she doesn’t know that this journey is bound to teach her valuable lessons about lying, friends and family. Her decisions, as reckless and care-free they were, blasts her into the depths of Xi’an, as well as the very dark corners of her families past. Will Marina and her family come out of this grand trip out of their homes untouched or will the past contaminate a family living in ignorance? Continue reading

Guardian of the Gauntlet by Lenita Sheridan


(c) Bookidote

MY RATING :  ★★★☆

Camari and Mila, two princesses from a poor lonely land meet Denir, a prince from another kingdom. The prince however possesses a magic gauntlet, people who believe in the power, will make it work. However, the prince will only have eyes for the older sister Mila. Camari who’s been in love with the prince since the first day she laid eyes on him will become jealous of her sister. That’s not all, in the mountains, there’s a wicked wizard who intends to steal the gauntlet and use it to rule the kingdoms. In order to do so, he decides to kidnap Mila so the prince will have no choice but to give the gauntlet to the wizard. Will the wizard success? Will Camari comes to the rescue of her sister if he succeeds or will she help the wizard capturing her sister so she can have the throne with the prince? Continue reading

Dream Student by J.J. DiBenedetto

2016-01-23 06.52.32 1My Rating :  ★★★★☆

“It’s almost three o’clock in the morning now. It seems like it’s three o’clock a lot lately.”

The story opens up with Sarah, who’s in the middle of her dream and get pulled to another person’s dream : places she never saw, people se never encountered. Some of her dreams are also horrible nightmares, people’s darkest fantasies she had to endure. Her best friend, Becky, popular and hot, will try to accompany her and try to change her mind by convinving her to have fun. One day, at a bar, Sarah meets for the first time Brian. She’s been in Brian’s dreams many times but never met him before. Will Brian recognize her when they meet? Continue reading

East of West (Volume 1) – The Promise by Jonathan Hickman


“Love sends a man half way around the world… Just for the hope of catching it.”

— Jonathan Hickman, East of West (Volume 1) – The Promise

         Jonathan Hickman delivers a complicated, yet fascinating tale revolving around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It’s not because the plot is intricate and demands a level of analysis beyond simple pleasure-reading to thoroughly enjoy. In fact, it’s the execution and the effort put it in by the author to setup East of West that brings nothing more than confusion and gives the impression of a fragmentary creation. Set in a Western dystopian America where civil war is still in action, a prophecy, also known as “The Message” is brought back to life with the arrival of War, Famine, Conquest and Death. However, Jonathan Hickman brings readers a little twist. War, Famine and Conquest arrive on Earth under the form of children, while Death is missing. Our infamous character is in fact represented as a white cowboy who seeks to find the one thing that defeated him a while back. This volume, collecting issues #1 to 5, is a work of science fiction that plenty of fans have read and appreciated. His work also extends to the Marvel universe and is currently working on a bunch of comics set in the Marvel NOW! paradigm. Continue reading

The Gift of the Quoxxel by Richard Titus

IMG_5505My Rating : ★★★★☆

“I’ve just activated my nonsense filter. I can’t hear a word you’re saying.”


This book was peculiar, curious, light-hearted and fun to read. I’ll probably read it to my children one day. It’s about the King of Nibb, a lonesome island in the middle of nowhere. The citizens were fine with the island but not the King. He longed for discovering the world, getting out there. Unfortunately for him, every ship that approached the island decided to turn back and get away from his land. Why is that? The king has to know. Continue reading

Join February Read-Along + Currently Reading

february-read-alongHello my bookworm friends 😀

This post is to litterally ask you guys if some of you want to start this read-along feature with me for February ! I have a lot of books on TBR pile and I want to read them but also being able to discuss with other bookworms. You will be features along with my blog in my review  and discussion posts. I will also be making the banner for this read-along and you can post it in your blog. You can also do your own banner of course, I know a lot of you out there who have graphism skills 😉 Continue reading

Real Neat Blog Award


Hello Our Favorite Space Monkeys <3,

         It’s that time of the month again! Yep, yep. Another award to add to our collection and this time it’s the wonderful Kayla who’s tagged us a real long time ago. We’re so sorry it took us this long to get this done, but we’re eternally grateful that you thought of us when doing this award! 😀 If you aren’t already following her blog, you should definitely check it out. Nothing like another bookworm friend, right? And so, here’s the Real Neat Blog Award! Continue reading

Evanthia’s Gift by Effie Kammenou

IMG_5494MY RATING : ★★

“Now, in a twist of fate, he would see her again.”


A mesmerizing romance over two generations. The first part of the story, we follow the beginning of Anastacia and Alex romance as they try to overcome their past to be in relationship and work it out together. Single motherhood, destroyed and got her heart broken by her first mariage, Ana will not allow herself to trust any man. Alex will have to teach her to love herself again and trust him. They will discover that each of them has their own dark past. Continue reading

Spell Fade by J. Daniel Layfield


“The subconscious is the root, the beginning of all wishes and desires, and it plays a strong role in a wizard’s power.”

— J. Daniel Layfield, Spell Fade

        It’s easy to get lost in a fantasy novel. All it takes is an author able to reconstruct a believable but implausible universe. An author setting up an intricate yet simple plot capable of sweeping you off your feet and capturing every moment, as tiny as it may be. An author that helps you blindly wander through countless adventures, accompanied by various characters with particular personas. It’s by identifying yourselves through the characters that readers are blown away and feel nonfictional emotions towards fictional characters. Wait a second. That didn’t sound easy. Spell Fade was definitely a fantasy novel that excelled on several—not all—fields and managed to deliver a linear and entertaining fantasy adventure tale. Set in Pavlora, a moribund Great Wizard needs to quickly find a ruler for the kingdom before it also follows him to death. However, Dartan, a boy raised in a farm, doesn’t realize that the future lies in his hands and his hands holds more power than one could every imagine. Continue reading

The Quiet Kill by Luke Taylor + Bookidote’s first quote!


My Rating : ★★★★★

“The magnitude of possibility crushed her. ”

                                                                                                                                           – LUKE TAYLOR 

One of the most addictive page-turner of all time. The Quiet Kill was beyond my expectations. Not only it has the right amount of suspense, the writing was simple, clear, perfect to keep us hooked from the beginning. In short, the story is about Loeb, a writer in need of a break, a vacation to really sort out his life. He is pushed by his friend Cat to go to Alaska and stay there for a while. But their vacations will soon be transformed into a sinister journey while they are busy digging the past about a murder that happened a few years ago. Luke Taylor’s vivid and eloquent description make a killer combination for this thriller mystery. And let’s talk about that ending, damn! Continue reading

Luke Taylor Interview


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re absolutely happy to finally be able to put up an interview with one of our favorite acquaintances since Bookidote’s creation: Mr. Luke Taylor. Blessed with an enormous love for literature, this man knows his books and wouldn’t hesitate a second to share his passion and thoughts about them with anyone ready to listen. His soul is undeniably young, no matter what time says. His criticism of novels is intelligent and filled with reason. His way with words will unquestionably leave an impression on you. You’re bound to return home with new ways to see the book you’ve just read. Thank you so much Luke for taking the time to answer the questions Trang had for you ! Continue reading

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness


“You do not write your life with words…You write it with actions. What you think is not important. It is only important what you do.”

— Patrick Ness, A Monster Calls

           This is one of the most precious novel that I’ve ever read. It’s sole purpose is to strike that hidden cord inside us and turn us into an emotional mess. Not to mention the blender you’re bound to go through as you follow the story of little Conor. As his mother starts a treatment for her illness, Conor begins having nightmares and fears them every time they occur. Suddenly, just a little after midnight, Conor is visited by a monster. A monster that seeks something from him that is much more dangerous than anything out there. The truth. This story is poised with profound morals and memorable lessons. Continue reading

Home Workspace Tour

Hi y’all 😀

I want to share with you for the new year my new renovated home office, where I stack my books and study for exams. It’s not easy being a student and having so many projects at the same time. But somehow, I love being surrounded by projects. Nothing drives me more than challenges after challenges and I decided to make this year even more productive than last year. I’m starting my psychology bachelor this year and beside that, I have Bookidote, 2 jobs as research assistant, administrator for the obsessive compulsive disorder association and some volunteer projects along the line. As you can guess, organization and time are both precious to me haha. In order to get everything done, I have to know my limits and set realist goals.


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Batman Vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles by Robin Wildman


“If I know him—and I do—I know what his next move will be. What he doesn’t know is what my next move will be.”

— Jeph Loeb, Batman Vs. Superman The Greatest Battles

         And who dares to tackle a task this big? Was their sanity on the verge of extinction when picking up their pencils? Citizens of Gotham, Metropolis and probably every human being on Earth had to ruminate on this idea throughout their whole childhood. Who would want to satisfy our deepest desire and spare us this endless torture on mulling over which of the two Gods would come out as the sole superior in the greatest battle of all time? Luckily for us, brilliant and legendary writers have conceived some of the most captivating tales that touch upon the battle between two of the most iconic superheroes in history. You might be cognizant of the upcoming sequel to the Man of Steel movie. Continue reading

A Healing Heart by Melissa A. Hanson


My Rating : ★★★☆☆ (3.3) 

“It was so peaceful, relaxing or would have been relaxing if the electricity wasn’t flowing through my veins. I was expected and felt alive; anticipation of what might come next was keeping me on pins and needles.”                                                  – MElissa a.hanson  

Bailey, a teenager who lost all her family in a tragic accident and since then, she has to live with the pain of being the only one who survived. She moved in with her aunt and uncle and is trying to start a new life along with two of her best friends , Natasha and Mia. One day, she babysits Riley, a really cute and adorable little boy in the park and he starts playing with another girl, Lacey. The girl is Collin’s little sister and also Bailey’s biggest crush. We follow the journey to their blooming romance, how she’s coping with her loss and how Collin helps her heal with love. Overall, the story is enjoyable but not impressive. Continue reading

Flashback 2015 and Forward 2016


Hello my lovely readers and followers ! 🙂

2015 has come to an end already and we wanted to take the time to thank you all for such an amazing year. We started our blog late in July and since then we had a great time in sharing our thoughts on books, reading your reviews and being a part of this big bloggers community. We also decided to do a makeover of our home page and banner for the new year so be sure to check that out 😉 We wanted to blend comics and books in our theme—just to show what our blog might have in store for everyone—and that’s what we came up with. Continue reading