Luke Taylor Interview


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re absolutely happy to finally be able to put up an interview with one of our favorite acquaintances since Bookidote’s creation: Mr. Luke Taylor. Blessed with an enormous love for literature, this man knows his books and wouldn’t hesitate a second to share his passion and thoughts about them with anyone ready to listen. His soul is undeniably young, no matter what time says. His criticism of novels is intelligent and filled with reason. His way with words will unquestionably leave an impression on you. You’re bound to return home with new ways to see the book you’ve just read. Thank you so much Luke for taking the time to answer the questions Trang had for you !

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself FOR our readers ? 

Sure! I’ve been writing books since I can remember; writing always went hand in hand with drawing and other forms of art, but started writing seriously in high school, and it only increased after high school when I took to studying film. I’ve been playing guitar for 14 years and write music. I also love to cook. It’s amazing how many similarities there are between writing, music, and food. I’ve always been interested by other parts of the world, languages, cultures, etc., and all of these things blend together to inspire me.

2. What draws you to write this genre of books?

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Mysteries? Well, I really do (like food and music) feel affinity to nearly every genre and am always exploring more of them, but I consider myself a sort of mystery junkie, and when I was younger I saw a lot of Sherlock Holmes and Poirot, and one of my favorite writers and largest inspirations is Dashiell Hammett, the master of American noir. I wrote it because I enjoyed it and I knew others would too.

3. What is the hardest part  of writing books?

The hardest part of writing is getting the words out and putting them on the page. If I could transmit what I see without needing to use words, I’d have a hundred books done by now, but then they would be movies, and not books, because books are made of words, and those words make pictures. So, in that way, I’m just the translator. But no matter how hard the process, it’s not really the destination, it’s the journey. It’s good to take your time, but it can be difficult.

4.How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?

That’s a good question! I’ve evolved in being able to better articulate what I see, just by a matter of experience and study, and I think I’ve evolved in having better judgment in what to put in a book, and how to arrange it, not to dawdle, not to rush. But that’s just creatively. I’ve evolved far more in the technical understanding of formatting, production, and publication.

5.What books are you currently reading ?

For 2016 I have Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series, Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen, and Renee Adieh’s The Wrath and The Dawn. I pre-ordered the sequels to both, as well. Also, I finally got the complete Wheel of Time series, so I hope to read one every month, but those are big books!

6.What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

I’m just so happy people took the time to read the book, and I have no problem with bad reviews. We all have our own taste. As for good reviews, I am very thankful for them, and it’s always cool to hear exactly what they liked about the book. But, good or bad, there’s a quote from John F. Kennedy that my father is faithful to remind me of. “The highest duty of the writer is to remain true to himself and let the chips fall where they may. In serving his vision of the truth the artist best serves his nation.” So, whatever the review, it doesn’t sway me either way, and I keep on writing.

7. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t think higher of yourself than you ought! I acutally wrote six full-length works before Evening Wolves, and none of them were that great, but I sure thought they were, and they’re all in the trash now. It wasn’t until I’d stopped writing for four years that Evening Wolves came. So, with that advice, I would add, be patient! Good things come to those who wait.

8. What is your favourite food?

While question could have a lengthy answer, I have to say a big old juicy cheeseburger, but I also love Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

9. If you could be in the middle of a movie, what movie would it be?

Ooh! There’s so many to choose from! And while it would be tempting to say Star Wars, it wouldn’t be very fulfilling to play act in front of a green screen, so I would have be in a movie where I could run around the Scottish highlands with a sword and save the land from Vikings. Are there any movies like that?

 10. What is the one thing you want to be remembered as an author?

I would want to be remembered as writing movies with words. I see them when I write, and I want people to see them when they read.

Thank you for taking the time to answer your questions 🙂 !


Lashaan & Trang



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