Join February Read-Along + Currently Reading

february-read-alongHello my bookworm friends πŸ˜€

This post is to litterally ask you guys if some of you want to start this read-along feature with me for February ! I have a lot of books on TBR pile and I want to read them but also being able to discuss with other bookworms. You will be features along with my blog in my review Β and discussion posts. I will also be making the banner for this read-along and you can post it in your blog. You can also do your own banner of course, I know a lot of you out there who have graphism skills πŸ˜‰

Here are some rules :Β 

  1. Pick a book (peeekabooo)Β in this list
  2. Comment what book you would like to read with me for February (or later too, Β I can take your blog’s name and get back to you Β if you are still planning to read it)
  3. Feature other blogger’s name in your banner and post (or just my blog ahah if it’s just you and me buddy πŸ˜‰ )
  4. Have fun and read !
  5. It’s my first time introducing this kind of post haha I hope you guys will join with me in this reading adventure πŸ˜€

-UPDATE- Here are the books I’m readingΒ in February (after the comments got in) :

( you can click on the picture and you will be redirected to Goodreads)

Here are the books I want to read in the near future (comment if you’d like to read them for March or so)Β 

My current read :Β 


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

If you want to read it forJanuary, let me know ! πŸ™‚ we can be reading budddies!

Ciao ciao ❀

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.26.16 AM

40 thoughts on “Join February Read-Along + Currently Reading

    • transhaan says:

      Yes hahah I wanted to read it before the movie comes out time huu T_T Hope you like it ! Thank you haha πŸ™‚ I just noticed that not a llot of peope around me read these YA books thats why I wanted to call out to book loevers out there πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      • Combustible reviews says:

        I have no issue with YA books. To be honest, I’m not sure why other people do?
        I think some fantastic ideas come out of the genre even if the execution is a little hit or miss. My biggest bugbear is the seemingly mandatory romance.


  1. Amy says:

    I’ll would love to read The Young Elites and reread (at least for me) Red Queen with you! I was planning on rereading it next month anyways before I get my hands on Glass Sword! Ive read everything else on your list and boy are you in for a fantastic month of reading!!!! Haha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Courtney Anz says:

    Trashan, I want to read red rising but can’t get to it until summer (I know, I know) I’ve got to pre read a # of short stories plus pedagogy class stuff for my 8th graders. Have heard from friends that RR and Night Circus are fab. When I read, I will post. This is a great idea and I don’t know how you do all that you do! Thanks! – canz

    Liked by 1 person

    • transhaan says:

      Haha thank you Courtney! πŸ˜€ Yes I’ll probably get to Red Rising untill summer too.. let’s see maybe we can read along in summer then hhaa πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to read all the books ❀


  3. ljshouse2015 says:

    After first deciding not to get it, I turned around and bought Throne of Glass, so I might as well join you for reading that one too. Actually, it will be good to have somebody else reading the same thing for a change. If you need my e-mail again, it is

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ljshouse2015 says:

    Turns out it’s even worse than I thought. After having bought the e-book, it turns out I already got the audiobook! *sigh* However, that might actually help with finishing it up on time, as I can either read or listen as seems appropriate at any particular time.

    Liked by 1 person

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