Playlist Shuffle Tag

Hi my lovelies  😀

Trang here! Big thank you to Jonas @ Other Things and Astra @ A stranger’s Guide Novel to tag us for Playlist Shuffle Tag. I think the name says it all LOL

I’m a big music addict that’s why I am really happy to do this post hih and I’d love all of you to do it too! I want to discover some new music 😀 If you want to do it just let me know and I’ll put you in my nominees!!


Jesse@ BooksAtDawn Yarravy @ Hireathforthepages Amy @BookEnthralPoulami @ DayDreamingBooksNazaheth @ReadDiverseBooks – Jenna @ FictionalNeverLand



I’m so glad this was in my  shuffle pl HAHA My favourite song from the Arctic Monkeys! 

The song is always in this frkn playlist LOL but here’s Chachi dancing on it 🙂 

I dance hip-hop as a hobby so it’s normal that a lot of songs in my playlist are often songs I can dance to or.. I  picture myself dancing to in my head.. yeah Idk if you know what I mean.. 😀 

I love this cover from Bebe Rexha for Work from Home by 5h ❤ 

The last song but not least.. This addictive indie song 😀 Her voice is angelic

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.26.16 AM


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Do I Wanna Know and Octahate are in my playlists too XD Now, time to check out the rest of the songs (you have GREAT music taste by the way 😉 ) Thank you so so much for the nomination! I need to catch up on a few, but I’m excited to do this!

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    1. transhaan says:

      THANK YOU 😀 cant wait to see your answers !!

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  2. Jonas says:

    Those are some great songs, I’ll definitely be listening to them! Thanks for doing the tag 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. transhaan says:

      Thanks to you!! 🙂 Yess hope you like them!

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  3. Some great songs here but my favourite on your list is Do I Wanna Know? That song is a tuneeeee 😀

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    1. transhaan says:

      YASSS its such an eargasm song ahhah XD

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  4. You pretty much have the same music taste!! I love it!! I just listened to Bebe Rexha and I swear she is a queen!! It sounds as good as the original and I am in love! Thank you for recommending it!! I’m going to listen to the new indie song!! It looks great!

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    1. transhaan says:

      WOOHOO 😀 Woud you like to do the tag?If we have the same taste I can def discover soem new songs 🙂 I’m glad you liked that cover because I found her amazzinng too ! Thank you for taking the time to listen to all of the songs hih ❤

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  5. Do I Wanna Know is such a good song. The video is so cool too. Had never seen it before!

    Just got around to reading this. Thanks for the nomination! I loved all your choices. I just let them play as I wrote my next book review. It was great!

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    1. transhaan says:

      LOOL so glad my songs are useful as a review soundtrack (smirk) And yess Do I Wanna Know has an addictive and quite mysterious vibe to it.. it’s crazy :O Can’t wait to see your answers!


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