X-Men ’92 – Vol.0- Warzones


Have you watched the X-Men on your TV screen in your childhood? Especially in the 90s?


If the answer is yes, YOU ARE IN LUCK! 😀

Marvel launched last fall a remake of this Animated X-Men into comics for their Secret Wars Special. It’s a mini series with only 4 issues. What is Secret Wars? It’s a special Marvel collection that they describe as the end of the Marvel Universe. All the Universe collide together ! As a big X-Men fan, of course I had to buy this mini series 🙂 Look how sexy they made it (I would totally watch the animated version of these comics to be honest). IMG_6305

My thoughts on it : an explosive fun and nostalgia, surrounded by a great sense of humor! At first, it may seem like it was for only a younger audience, but as I read, I found some pretty deep messages underneath. The most important thing of it all : I was entertained by the story. We are introduced to the main squad with: Storm, Wolverine, Jubilee, Gambit, Rogue, professor Xavier and Cyclops. On a more technical  note, I thought the layering was well made. It offers something very particular to the story: the movement and actions. The attack panels are layered in a way that focus on one main character at a time without having it all over the place. It’s a powerful tool to use especially in these stories involving groups of people.


The highlight of these issues remains the story arc : Nova (the main villain) is thirsty for power and believes that she can change the mutants for the better using brainwashing techniques. It’s like a Clockwork Orange (Wink wink to the review of the book by my boyfriend here) conditioning thing but for mutants. Amazing right?

You’ll see psychic powers against each other, it’s a big melting pot of mental perception and illusions.


My second highlight is discovering the X-Force: DAMN THEY COOL 😀 I really like Psylocke in this ! I’m even more excited to see the Apocalypse movie with her in it.


However,the only downside is in the art section: Gambit is so ugly and I can’t even. LOL It’s just my personal opinion. But Gambit is supposed to be this French flirt and charming. He looks like a complete idiot in this comic series.

After this popular mini series, Marvel announced that they will continue X-Men ’92 series for 2016 woo 🙂

IMG_6304 copy

That’s it for today 😀 You can purchase these issues at your comic stores  or you can get your hands on the Trade Paperback : Indigo/Chapters / Amazon

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.26.16 AM


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