Me Before You ft. AnetteReads- A fashion tag


I had the pleasure to do a read-along with Anette at the beginning of April for Me Before You 😀 We had a lot of fun in doing it and I wanted to do a fashion tag kind of post for our read-along where we will take turn to answer. We both love fashion and I thought this was the best way to do a read-along post.

My review for the book will be coming soon (probably in a month..LOL).

1. Who is your fave character in the book and why?

Anette: Hmm, Louisa. My favorite thing about her is probably her spirit as well as her fashion style. I just love the silliness of the little buns on her head + bee tights. It’s basically what I dressed like when I was 16.

Trang: Louisa too!! It’s so rare for me to actually like the main character but this one had it all 😀

Euh why you chose me? Like why?

2. Name one piece of clothing that you really love like how Lou loves her Bumblee Tights.

Anette: I have this blue and white striped crop top thing that I use with skirts that I’ve worn so much it’s got holes in the sleeves 😦

ootdanette copy

Trang: I have a white tennis skirt with a blue stripe that I wear with every outfit in summer hahaha. I have an obsession for sailor-like styles. (I’ve been spamming #ootd with that skirt on my fashion instagram account haha oops!)

I feel like Anette’s crop top and my skirt would be an amazing outfit gahah 😀

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.21.09 AM


3. What dress would you wear to a classical concert? (Lou was wearing a red vintage satin dress) 

Anette: I own so many dresses but none that are nice enough for that, I think LOL. I’d want to wear a really long and flowy dress and and I don’t have any long ones 😦 I guess the closest I have is this one, because it’s longer in the back  (The pink curtain is messing with the color, it’s prettier irl).

But no, I’d definitely wear the one Brie Larson wore at the Oscars this year. It was my favorite dress on the red carpet, I’m still drooling.

Trang: Yeah I’d probably wear something long too 🙂 A midi skirt is the closest one to what I have. But in an ideal world, it would be this dress that I saw on Gossip Girl ❤ Wore by the beautiful Blake Lively !

4. What was your favourite part of the book?  

Anette: Definitely when they danced at the wedding! That was beautiful. And this isn’t actually a scene because the reader wasn’t there for it (it was only told to us), but I love imagining Louisa drunkenly trying to get Will into bed and both of them landing on the floor several times.

Trang: YES that scene was adorable! I love the scene where they were at the beach and they are simply having fun, and she is dancing around him haha.


5. What are the places you want to go before you die?

Anette: Disney World. Tokyo. Australia. Someone give me money. Though sometimes plane tickets to Tokyo are really cheap, unlike tickets to Australia……………

Trang: Orlando Wizarding World of Harry Potter,Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka,  Japan and the Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives 😀

(c) Blog Maldive- Sea of Stars

6. Name a few things on your bucket list!

Anette: I don’t have one! The only thing I can think of is Disney World, pfft. Oh and I want to publish a book.hand-writing-close-up-animated-gif




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