Well, well, well, what do we have here? A sexy modern version of Archie ? YES. 


   In this volume, we follow around Archie and his friends right after his break-up with Becky, THE couple of their school! I gave this volume a straight 4 stars because it reads so easily. The reboot was totally worth it. I’ve missed this teenager vibe in the comics nowadays. Reviving this comic figure with 2016 fashion and lifestyle is one of the most beautiful idea ever!

THE PLOT? Right in the archetype of the college student, you’ll see heartbreaks, read about prom queens and kings, explore teenager insecurities, laugh out loud because of the humour and so much more.

THE ART? A BIG PLUS for any comic fan because.. Fiona Staples is back, bitches! LOL Only for the first issues, but still! Her artwork is just amazing ! (Wink to SAGA :D) Fiona does her magic again and suddenly every character looks like they came out of the Pretty Little Liars cast.


THE CHARACTERS? The usual four : Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead ! They all bring something special to the story. My least favourite, ironically, is the main character.. Archie haha. He is too naive and dumb in this story but hey! It is how he is! And kind and generous too. Jughead is the cool and funny guy, while Betty is being a badass with her tomboy-ish way. And Veronica..being ..Vero LOL that means a spoiled queen. But I started to like her in the end (around issue #6). 

THE DOWNSIDE? HONESTLY? The only downside is that Fiona Staples didn’t stay longer than 3 issues.. T_T The art shifted to weirdness after experiencing her illustrations.  I remember one particular issue where I hated the art… but thank god they changed the illustrator for the next one. It remained a fun read!

IMG_6297 copy

IMG_6300 copy

And..GUESS WHAT 😀 CW is making a live-action Archie TV show and the cast is complete! 

If you want to read the Trade Paperback, you can purchase it here: Indigo/Chapters.

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