This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab


     Where do I begin? There’s a fine line between humans and monsters. The definition of evil and its manifestations—undeniably—helps us gauge the nature of a person. It’s highly unlikely for the world to not encounter evil in its many forms, at least once in a lifetime. The cruelty that men are capable of gives others something to look upon and learn from. Not to repeat, but to avoid. If evil is something you tag upon an action, a saying, a thing or a person, does that mean that some of these very things cannot be tagged good? Ever? It’s when we start questioning these things that we start believing that even the evilest of things can also be good.

    This Savage Song explores monsters like no other novel. This is a story built in a world where a major event created a massive separation between two big families, the Flynns and the Harkers. As they’re on the brink of war against one another, monsters roam the streets and safety is perceived as a luxury. Unique in their nature, three types of creatures live among the humans and only fear and survival drives society. Victoria Schwab brings young readers the story of Kate Harker and August Flynn. One that seeks to be ruthless, while the other wants to be human. This Savage song will bring together two individuals that are nothing short of opposite only to see that they were made to cross paths. Continue reading

I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid

MY RATING : ★★★★

Don’t read the blurb. Hide it. Just ignore it. And completely plunge into this book without knowing what it is about. Let the title tickle your curiosity. This is all you need to know before reading this novel.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is such a mysterious title.. When I first read it, I thought it was going to be about suicidal thoughts. But Iain Reid did his magic and completely uses those words in every situation possible, so you don’t know what it means until the very end. Continue reading

YALLWEST Chapter 4 : Event Haul


    We were really stunned by all the goodies you could get (pins, books, patches, bookmarks, books, book chapter previews, posters, pens, totes, books). What was even more amazing is how excited some of the younger kids were in winning prizes and getting free things of various authors! It can definitely bring a tear to the eye in seeing a young generation appreciating novels in a hedonistic, pleasure-first, society! Continue reading

A Thousand Nights by E.K Johnston

MY RATING : ★★★★★

«And I wonder if I might at last have found a queen for whom I could set the desert on fire.»


A demon has possessed the most powerful Prince of the Desert. The Prince is killing a wife every night until one day, there’s a woman who has the courage to stop it and survive through the nights. She’s going to discover the secrets behind the Prince’s mystic power s and his motives for murder. Continue reading

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Book 1) – The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket


“…you know that a good, long session of weeping can often make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not changed one bit.”

— Lemony Snicket, The Bad Beginning (Book 1)

    Remember that series you used to read as a kid and just couldn’t let go of? Well the story of the Baudelaire’s was one of them. This series came knocking at my door in the form of a dark and suffocating gust of disaster. It contained sinister events and desperate characters. It built a unique and gloomy atmosphere that can only bring tears to an optimistic and joyful child. A Series of Unfortunate Events arrived onto my elementary school shelves like an unwanted transfer student. One that smelled of evil and looked like the devil himself. But something about it made everyone want to know the story, even if Lemony Snicket emphasizes that readers should drop this book down if they’re looking for a happy ending. Boy, was he right to give out that warning cause the Baudelaire have nothing to smile about in this series. Continue reading

The Passenger by Lisa Lutz


“In case you were wondering, I didn’t do it.”

— Lisa Lutz, The Passenger

     It’s in our nature to think about our survival when everything is at stake. Survival remains the most fundamental instinct that drives human behavior to pursue their lives and not give in to despair. But it’s the circumstances that brings us to the edge that varies from a person to a person. And the things that a person would do in these situations—and would never have thought of in their daily lives—could make anyone shiver in disgust and even fear. Lisa Lutz brings readers a psychological thriller of a woman who’s past haunts her day and night. It’s only safe to say that Tanya Dubois only sees one way to escape her current plight, a husband laying at the bottom of the stairs lifeless. To run. The Passenger is her story told in first person as she goes in hiding by adapting different identities and looks. It’s in her disguises that she slowly, but surely, looses all grip on her true self and finds herself in an existential crisis with only one objective. To escape. But things get even uglier when Tanya Dubois runs into a women who goes by the name of Blue. Her path then becomes narrower, darker and nerve-wrecking. However, a life on the run is not one that people wish for. Tanya Dubois only contemplates freedom and that’s what she’s going after. To live.

Continue reading

YALLWEST Chapter 3 : Day 2 (meeting bloggers)


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P.S: This is going to be a hell of a post LOL be aware! (Journal Entry time)


Hey guys! 😀

    The final push was on! After coming late and finding out that we’ve missed out on some amazing giveaways that went on a first-come, first-served basis, we HAD to wake up earlier and compromise on this last day of YALLWEST. In fact, the most devastating news—especially for Trang, being a huge fan of this—is the lucky folks who managed to grab a copy of Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. This unreleased sequel to an outstanding novel was given away to some really, really lucky people who managed to get in line first at some of the tents. If this wasn’t a motivation for Trang to wake up early, then I don’t know what was. Continue reading

Captain America: Civil War- Comics VS Movie


Captain America: Civil War the Movie – 5 stars 

I FREAKING LOVE THIS MOVIE. I may also be biased since I’m a Marvel Fan, but Lashaan (DC biggest fan) also gave it a 90% so that’s something right? 😉

fas  Having watched Captain America The Winter Soldier, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, I can confirm that IT WOULD HELP if you watched these movies before this one haha. I haven’t watched any Iron Man movies but I was still familiar with the characters and storylines in the movie so.. I guess you don’t have to watch them, but it can definitely help.  Continue reading

YALLWEST Chapter 2 : Day 1

Hey guys! 😛

Check out our YALLWEST Chapter 1 here.


  We all know what exhaustion feels like. But have you heard of #yallwestaustion?!

This being the 2nd year for YALLWEST, things were bound to get even more intense than the previous year. In fact, according to a bunch of bookworms we’ve met around the event, this year was a lot more organized and well-structured, yet remained wild, hectic and insanely crowded; just the way we love it! 😀 Actually, we don’t know about that last part! 😀 All jokes aside, YALLWEST 2016 was absolutely AMAZING. This was actually the first time we’ve both EVER went to a book festival. In Montreal, we only have an annual “Salon du livre de Montréal” and the famous “Montreal Comiccon”. We were quite pumped to be able to attend YALLWEST in the heart of Santa Monica and experience its magic for ourselves. After all, we’re huge fans of young adult novels—especially Trang! Continue reading

May TBR 2016

monthly bookidote


    It’s time to share our life with you all again! We’re currently in the middle of YALLWEST and probably having too much fun for our own sake. It’s also our first time in Santa Monica / Los Angeles. Now that is some crazy stuff! Expect to see some nice old hauls and review of our adventure in the coming days. 😀 😀 Now let’s get things on with the point of this post. In this edition of our Monthly Kick in the Butt, you’ll see what we’re currently reading, what we plan on reading, our monthly quote + our thoughts and a segment on what’s going on in life! Continue reading