Captain America: Civil War- Comics VS Movie


Captain America: Civil War the Movie – 5 stars 

I FREAKING LOVE THIS MOVIE. I may also be biased since I’m a Marvel Fan, but Lashaan (DC biggest fan) also gave it a 90% so that’s something right? 😉

fas  Having watched Captain America The Winter Soldier, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, I can confirm that IT WOULD HELP if you watched these movies before this one haha. I haven’t watched any Iron Man movies but I was still familiar with the characters and storylines in the movie so.. I guess you don’t have to watch them, but it can definitely help. 



This is the definition of a real action packed-familty-time wise movie. Everything was perfect. For once, I’m really happy of how they introduced all the characters and let them have their screen time. HOLLA BLACK PANTHER ❤ AND DAMNN You won’t be disappointed with Spidey, that is for sure. He was funny as hell hahaha. It was weird though to see aunt May that young.



Civil War is a particular event in the Marvel Universe, with the main 7 issues assembled into a volume by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.

My rating: ★★

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The theme in the comics is pretty much the same as in the movie: What are the limits of the Avengers? Do people with powers can do whatever they want without regulations ?

Mainly, there are more differences from the comics to the movie than similarities. I am  still very happy with the movie so I have to give it to the directors for making it a nice plot out of it. First, the Civil War event in comics is triggered by a particular event not exactly the same one as in the movie but it has the same setting.I love the comics, especially the art ! Oh my god, I’ve read the electronic version and I had to buy the paperback one because the art is worth the money. 2016-05-09 01.11.41 1

The storyline in the comics is definitely better than the movie since we have more insight in what is really going on, the idea’s differences between Captain America and Iron Man and it shows us how the two sides have their ups and downs.

However, the reason why I gave it a 4 and not a 5 is because of the problem’s resolution. It just seems too simple and quick. I mean.. I’ve spent like more than an hour reading about a raging war going on between Avengers and people with superpowers and suddenly *snaps my finger* it resolves just like that.

2016-05-09 01.11.43 1

That little detail didn’t ruin my overall opinion: This is one sick trade paperback! 😀 A lot of characters will be in here, LIKE A LOT. So if you are not familiar with Marvel characters, you might do a little research on who they are,etc. The characters is one of my favourite parts of the story haha I get to see familiar faces and get excited when your favourite characters choose the same side as you #TEAMCAP.  

After I read this comic book, I discovered that there are in fact a lot of ties-in that fill the gap, answering questions we might have after finishing this volume. Here’s the list for those of you interested:

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.26.16 AM



  • It’s a TeamCap for me as well! I watched it yesterday and I can’t help but gush at the scenes!!! Oh my god!!!! And I too felt that Aunt May was really young and also’ ‘unusually hot!’ And yes I too got excited when get excited when your favourite characters choose the same side as you #TeamCap till ETERNITY!!!!

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      • Yes! I guess everyone is absolutely correct when they say that this is the best superhero movie EVER!! That airport scene was awesome!


  • #TeamCap too but more #TeamBucky now. I loved that movie. Might be my favorite of their series. Loved your thoughts on this and the comics (I haven’t read those myself but was the only female left at the very end of the credits for the second extra scene – ” Spider-Man will return!”) I haven’t been a Spider-Man fan since it’s reboot and thought the kid acted way to young for a smart 16 year old. But maybe I’ll watch the reboot movies now that Marisa Tomei

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    • Hahaha yesss I can see thatt Bucky was amazinng!! True that 👌😍 I am still interested in that reboot with Marisa lets see how it goes !;) Thank you for passing by!!

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    • Marvel always strikes ahha 😄😍 although I’m pretty pumped for Suicide Squad! And my boyfriend is #teamIronMan too ahah😏


      • He’s got good taste then 😉 #TeamIronMan rep for life! I’m a little wary of Suicide Squad, but I know that DC is really putting a lot of effort into it so hopefully it ends up turning out really well.


  • The comic was actually quite controversial when it first came out, and it’s still a bit polarizing today. It kind of made the pro-registration side look like villains, especially with the clone cyborg Thor and recruiting villains to help bring in anti-registration heroes.

    I haven’t seen the movie yet so I can’t comment on it too much, but from what I’ve heard, it handled the balancing act between the two sides a lot better than the comic version.


    • Ohw mann yess ! :O Totally agree with you on the comics being more controversial! They didn’t include that aspect at all in the movie hahah glad to see that in the comics though. Pushing the limit of science and creating superpower gods humans :O That surprised me!
      Let me know what you think of the movie 🙂 They keep the balance pretty decent and I was happy 😀 – Trang


      • I really liked the movie. You can totally understand both sides of the argument, and even though a lot of characters are in it, you fully understand why everyone picked their sides, and it still feels like a Captain America movie. I’m now fully confident that the Russo Brothers can pull off Infinity War.


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  • Great post! Black Panther and Spidey were indeed awesome (although the latter was less integral to the plot but, hey, who really cares – it’s Spider-Man in the MCU!!!).

    I’m well overdue a revisit of the comic book version of Civil War (but read several times since it came out) and it’s obviously more complex than the movie given that the story played out over several months (and the whole event spilling out into several other Marvel titles). They did a great job of condensing the ideas presented in the comic…and I liked the fact that you could get onboard with both Cap and Iron Man’s viewpoints.


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