All Tucked Inn By Mindy L. Shelton


Life is very full, albeit a tad crazy, as Lizzie helps with the family bed-and-breakfast business “All Tucked Inn”, watches over her little brother, and makes new college friends. Everything is perfect…until her best friend disappears and the two guys fighting for her affections start acting very strange.


I love this book, a  suspense thriller for young adults!


Lizzie just started college in  Criminology Major and she meets a bunch of new friends, who are, like her, getto have  their their first taste in the criminal justice classes. I feel connected to the study group hahah they seem to be  such a #squadgoal. It seems to be efficient unlike me when I’m studying with my friends LOL.


There are new faces that are starting to show up and..who says new faces also says new suspects. Throughout the book, you will try to search for the murderer in those characters. Everyone has a good motive and that makes for the perfect fun detective vibe, no case-hardened CIA stuff, just an enjoyable read.The ending did not disappoint!


I love Lizzie family, I find they have such a unique bond haha 🙂 All the characters are well developed and likable. Especially Lizzie herself ! Loving the main character has made this whole experience 100 times better. The fact that her Mom is running a hotel (All Tucked Inn is such a clever name too !) is an unique way to set up the environment in the book.

Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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