Relativity by Antonia Hayes- Summer Fiction Blog Tour

MY RATING : ★★★★

“Panic exists on a frequency entirely of its own.
Air into air, particle by particle, panic vibrates through the elastic atmosphere faster than the speed of sound.”


Etumblr_lxjx79u8if1qfa0f0o1_500than, a twelve year old boy who is fascinated by physics and all sort of science in general. He has an amazing memory, learns fast and efficiently. Raised by a single mother, Ethan will have to adapt to his new lifestyle struggling with his abilities and his lack of social skills. THAT’S IT. You don’t need to know more about the story.


I plunged into this book without reading the premise and I was pretty impressed with it. Within the first twenty pages,  I fell in love with Ethan’s narrative voice. Such a clever and smart boy. The character development nonetheless to say was amazing. Seeing things through his eyes is such a fresh view of the world ! By the end of the book, I didn’t lose the interest. In fact, the author succeeds in building the gripping plot by adding witty replies and new concepts in perspective.


Antonia Hayes did a pretty good job incorporating all the science notions in this book. I didn’t find it hard to follow nor thought he was trying too hard to be ”smart”. It’s enjoyable, and at the right amount of fun. A compassionate and sympathetic book where all the beautiful souls can delight a moment of tender thoughts from a unique perspective.

The only reason why I didn’t give the book a 5 stars is because it didn’t have that shocking #mindblowneffect, but it is still a very good book ! I feel like it’s the ideal book you’d be reading on the side of the beach or a pool and simply enjoy the purity of a child’s mind while he discovers the world.

I received the ARC for the Summer Fiction Blog Tour provided by Simon and Schuster Canada, you can keep track with other bloggers and read their future reviews of this book! 

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Yeah I know it says Lashaan @ Bookidote for this book but it’s Trang for this book hihi


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Don’t forget to check out Simon & Schuster’s website for the Summer Fiction Blog Tour to join their ongoing contest for the chance to win amazing prizes! Do so by clicking on the #readchillrepeat tag! 😀

If I convinced you enough, head over to @Chapters/Indigo to buy the book 😀 !


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