Bookidote 1 Year Bloggiversary!



THAT’S RIGHT, FOLKS! It has been exactly ONE WHOLE YEAR since our FIRST Bookidote review. That seems absolutely insane considering that we still feel very young in the blogosphere. animated-omg-gif

There are still so many things to discover, so many things to master and so many Pokemon’s to captu-wait. That’s not right. Back to the subject at hand.beginnig

Bookidote has been a marvelous creation. One that we probably wouldn’t have thought of bringing to life if it weren’t for faith to start engraving our love for literature in stone. The very concept was supposed to be a solo adventure for Trang to embark on upon my (Lashaan) very recommendation. It would’ve ended up being a French Book Review blog, but one that would’ve probably been just as fun for her. The Gods had however other plans for us (Thank you Zeus and friends). It’s our dedication and desire for something to commit in together that led us however to create this blog. It started as a little spark of passion and grew into an amazing universe with limitless possibilities. Lots of laughter came out of this project. Lots of blood and sweat was put into some of our favorite posts. But, in the end, sharing the adventure together and taking these little steps one after the other couldn’t have been any more memorable.

We’ve had our fair share of highlights throughout the year, and even some lowlights. But nothing stopped us from producing countless number of content with as much quality as we could pour into everything.


thank you

Without your continued support, your unconditional love and your constant interaction with us, Bookidote would have never seen so much glory. Our development and growth was phenomenal and we’ve reached milestones that we would’ve only dreamed of. Thank you all for every precious second that you put into checking out our contents, sharing your thoughts and discussing subjects with us. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to hear from you guys and to be able to share our love for literature with you all. Every post we do makes us even happier when we know that they were able to entertain you or brighten your day. From a single view to a single like, everything had the power to make us want to grow and blossom.ayear


Views : 24,812 views/ WordPress Followers : 627/ Top liked post: The Night Circus with 66 likes and 43 comments 


Lashaan’s favourite review: The Killing Joke  / Favourite tag: Around The World

Trang’s favourite review: Six of Crows  & Illuminae /Favourite tag: The Love Tag 

Biggest opportunity : YALLWEST

It’s also our pleasure to thank you all for this wonderful year for Bookidote with a giveaway (wasn’t much of a surprise was it) in the next few days . So stay tuned for that!


Yours truly,

Lashaan & Trang


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