The 8 struggles of every bookworm

As much as I enjoy my books, I sometimes struggle in different situations. Thumbs up if you can relate to any of them!

1.Finding a bookmark- The fear to dog-ear pages 

OKAY SO HERE’S THE FRKN IRONY. I have a whole collection of more  than 50 beautiful bookmarks. But somehow I always end up with a receipt or a kleenex as one.

2. Explaining how Young Adults books can be amazing reads. 

There’s such a taboo surrounding Young Adults books when you try to convince people that there are actually very good books. I’ve read a lot of Classics from Charles Dickens to Bronte but I also highly enjoy Leigh Bardugo and Marie Lu. Some Young Adult books are actually be better than some Adults books I’ve read.  The writing style and the plot can be pretty  dark and mature. If you want to know my top Young Adult books I can make a post about it next time!

3. Buying, transporting and assembling the bookshelves. 

The books are coming.  They need to feel welcomed in their new home. But the process is long and requires sacrifices.

4. Finding other bookworms in real life

Is it just me or only 1 to 2 people from my network read? And to find people who read the same books as you is even more challenging. We have an incredible bookworm community online that I wish I had in real life too.

5.When a book is so good you don’t want it to finish. 

..SO I SLOW DOWN MY READING SPEED ON PURPOSE. This feeling is so frustrating because on one side you want to finish the book to know what’s next but then you realize there are only 5 pages left and the world you love will be gone soon.

6. When someone asks what’s your favorite book. 

And you have at least 2 answers in each genre. Please don’t ask me.

7. Praying the movie adaptation to be decent.

I don’t  even need it to be the best movie  or good enough to be honoring the book,  SIMPLY  DECENT. Because if it’s not, you have to spend the next week to explain to your friends why to not judge the book by its movie. In fact, NEVER judge the book by its movie.


So many books..

I hope you enjoy this little bookish post of mine 🙂

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