The Girl With All The Gifts : Book vs Movie


MY RATING: ★(4.2)

A beautiful re-imagined zombie apocalypse plot centered around childrens’ behavior and what young minds can do. Melanie is a young girl who waits every day for 2 agents to come get her, strap her to a wheelchair, stabilize her head and push her to class. Her teachers taught her about the Hungries, those who feed on people. The minute they can smell human’s flesh, blood, they are triggered and can’t stop. Melanie can understand that but she also wonders why children keep disappearing from the classroom or why each time she tells the sergeants “Good Morning”, they look at her strangely and turn a blind eye to her.



  • The science that backs up the plot. Oh my was the plot well thought. Microbiology to psychology.  From the point where and how the virus spread to the behaviour component of those special children, everything was spot on. An author who did their research and who’s able to transmit their knowledge is a very good author in my opinion.

“The psychological comfort outweighs the logical objections. Everybody needs a security blanket.”

  • The POV’s from different characters. I love the way the author manipulates different POV wihtout any difficulty. She can mimic the mind of a young girl as well as a renowed scientist or even a strict daddy-issues sergeant. The characters have some of the most fascinating personalities ever. It’s fun and amusing to see them interact with each other and how, dictated by the circumstances, they manage themselves to accept the others even if if they are complete opposites.


  • All the other books references hiding in this novel. You can see Easter eggs from Tolkien, Narnia, Plato, Greek Mythologies and so much more in here. It’s like everything and every facts I learn from books, someone found a smart way to insert them and transform it into a book.

“She’s lived in Plato’s cave, staring at the shadows on the wall. Now she’s been turned around to face the fire.”


  • The predictable ending. I could smell it from miles away and, I don’t know, I always want a big punch in my ending. Although, it did make me cry SOO… Points for that !
  • Some moments reminded me the 5th Wave and not in a good way. I find the pace slow whenever they wanted to have some actions, the redundancy of the typical oh-let’s-hideout-from-the-zombies tricks. Maybe because I’m not impressed anymore with all the 5th Wave and World War Z novels.



I think they did a pretty good job in recreating the principal plots from the novel but oh was I disappointed in the portrayal of the main characters. You ready for my tirade


First, in the book Melanie was blonde and Miss Justineau was black and they switched it in the movie. Why am I bothered you say? Because I believe IN THIS SPECIFIC CASE (usually, I wouldn’t give a fuck if they switch the ethnicity or not) if the author has made all the story around it, it’s for a reason. Even the name Melanie was explained at the beginning of the book : its name is derived from the Greek (melania), “blackness” and that from  (melas), meaning “dark”. The author wanted us to see behind the irony : in the book Melanie is blonde and blue eyes. The relation between Melanie and Miss Justineau is a really special one. You can feel it in the book that Melanie has an overall idolizing phase over Miss Justineau. Somehow what I find very interesting is the author has built it around so that a little white girl can relate onto a strong black woman and can recognize the motherly example of her. Of course, having read the book, I expected that same bond on screen. But seeing the movie, it was totally different. They rushed the beginning so it didn’t have any space for more building between the characters. The relationship between Miss Justineau and Melanie just felt flat like a forced love: OKAY YOU HAVE EXACTLY 2 MINS TO LOVE ME AND EXPECT ME TO BE YOUR MOTHER! IMMA TOUCH YOUR HEAD AND BOOM! NOW YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER OKAY.


Also, they portrayed Melanie as a bloody creature during all the movie. It was not the same as the book. She is not always covered in blood. In fact, Miss Justineau had found her a very lovely blouse and start to get her changed. The Melanie character was also trying too hard and speaking too fast as if to show she was a know-it all. It was very more modest in the book.

I guess you can see the difference between my opinions for the Book Vs the Movie now LOL

Hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know your thoughts 😉

You purchase your copy @Amazon Canada or @Indigo Chapters here! 😀




  • Ok, ok. I probably need you to review all the books and things I gave up on. Since reading your Wicked + Divine review, I reread the first book and somehow got hooked and read all 4 volumes currently out. Now it’s gonna be Girl With All the Gifts. I didn’t exactly give up on it. I just got distracted. But now I want to go back to it.

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  • Yeah, totally agree with you in regards to the science behind it; it was the first time I read anything zombie related and had thought it possible for the scenario to happen. As for the ending, ugh… I hated it too. I read this book back in 2015, so I might have forgotten a lot of the things, I do remember not liking Ms Justineau; she seems to be an incredibly annoying character even from the very beginning. Lol

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  • Fantastic review! I can’t believe I have been wanting to read this book, and wasn’t even fully aware of what exactly it was about. But now that I know, it makes me wanna read it even more!! This book sounds amazing. And your review, fabulous. You argued some great points!

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  • I started reading the book but for some reason got sidetracked, but reading your review has made me want to pick it back up again. I didn’t even know that the movie was out! It’s a shame when the movie doesn’t do the book justice, it makes me very weary watching movies based on books. Great reviews 🙂

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  • EPIC review! I have this book on my TBR & really want to get to it before watching the movie. It always makes for a more interesting read when the “science backs up the plot” with these types of books. I heard the same is the case with Blake Crouch’ Dark Matter. Bumping this one up on my TBR even though I know the changes in the book to movie adaptation will probably also irk me 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 not a fan of that. Glad you enjoyed this one 😃


      • I noticed the similarities btwn the two even though I haven’t read them, they are both at the top of my TBR stack. Curious to read your thoughts on Dark Matter, checking out your review now 😉

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  • So the movie definitely wasn’t as good as the book. I do have to say I actually liked the ending of the book. I didn’t see that coming, but I don’t read a lot of books like this one. Nice review!


  • I absolutely loved reading The Girl With All the Gifts. The things you mentioned about the movie would bother me very much as well so I think I can only watch this when I forget the book more so I can analyse them separately.

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  • I’ve been wanting to read this book for such a long time and was really excited to watch the movie. Now I am very disappointed that they changed the ethnicity like that. I feel like it would take from the story. I still want to read the book though.

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  • The book is on my wishlist but I had no idea there was a movie, hahahaha! The points you made about the movie would bother me too, I hate when they take liberties for no reasons.

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  • Super review… Yours is probably the second review I’ve read for the book and I am quite interested as you mention characters having ‘some of the most fascinating personalities ever’. Like, sign me up! 🙂 I love interesting characters!

    Pity the movie didn’t work out that well… It’s always the case isn’t it- the development of plots and relationships that the book delivers cannot always be executed that well in the movies. *I’m going to check out your The 5th Wave review now* 🙂 I read it recently after seeing the movie, and I quite liked… them both?! 🙂 Yeah…

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  • This is a must make time to read book for me! I am happy to see that the book received a satisfactory rating but concerned about the predictability a bit. And I did not even know the film was out.. *face palm*. I seriously need to catch up on tv and films. Anime binging is clearly not enough 😉

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    • Anime binging!! Ahaha so coool 😀 what are you watching right now 😉 ? I’d love to hear your thoughts when you get to it ! Actions are always here and there . but you may find it slow pace sometimes :/ And no worries I think only a few people noticed the movie was out for it wasnt covered much in the media LOL -Trang

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      • I just finished an older series Amnesia. I enjoyed it. It was only 12 episodes, so rather quick.. but a bit of a thinker 😉 I Usually dig for something that sounds interesting and dive in. Of course I am still watching some guilty pleasures/favorites like Sailor Moon haha.


  • Great review! 🙂 I definitely need to check out this book. I haven’t read that many zombie apocalypse books, but I usually tend to enjoy them. This one seems very interesting, so I will definitely be checking it out. I’m not the biggest movie person (meaning I rarely watch them), sooo I was never really interested in it. Sooo I guess I will be skipping the movie. XD

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  • I have seen this book around especially since the movie was released but never actually read the synopsis and it sounds awesome! I didn’t even know it had zombies and I actually love Zombie books definitely planning on picking this up now thank you for the great review and break down! The switch of character ethnicities is a bit disappointing I like that the MC is poc but when it changes the whole dynamic of the relationship its a bit ehhh I don’t know if I’ll watch the movie coz I’m nearly always disappointed in adaptations but def reading the book now 😀

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    • SOO COOL I can get you to re-discover this book! 😀 It’s def worth the reading experience, I mean all the cool science stuff in there oh myy ❤ ! Skipping the movie is a good I idea LOL Idk why they keep disapppointing YA readerss *sighh* I'm happy that you get the time to pass by 😀 It's greatly appreciated ! ❤ -Trang

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      • I love cool science stuff so this sounds perfect for my reading tastes 😀 If i’m really bored maybe I’d give the movie a go but yeah I’m definitely not going to make to much of an effort to see it


  • Ah, I have this one on my Kindle but have not been able to make time. I read/listened to Fellside (which I still need to review) and was not disappointed nor overly impressed. I think I will like this much better. I am a bit shocked that there was the predictability. It sounds like my kind of story though. Although your thoughts on the movie are exactly what I feared. I will still watch it to see of course. Love the review ❤


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