Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz


I know Lashaan is secretly cursing me right now because I read this book before he did LOL but LET ME ASSURE YOU, YOU WERE RIGHT TO BE CURSING ME BECAUSE THIS BOOK WAS A FANTASTIC READ.

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Anthony Horowitz has been known for the creation of Alex Rider and his Sherlock Holmes stories. But in Magpie Murders, he experiments with a new style inspired from Agatha Christie. He’s done right at honoring the Golden Age detective novels.

How did Anthony do that? He introduced us to a publicist, Susan, who received a script from a well known author. The novel is about the private investigator Atticus Punt who has the job of finding out about the mystery behind a local village death.

Susan realized the ending is missing and at the same time, the author is discovered dead. Following this mystery, Susan follows the clues he left behind and tries to understand all the hidden secrets behind this author.

I really love this novel ! I think the fact that the author focuses on one main character makes the plot even more solid and the development is well progressed. I think it’s very hard to make a plot within another plot successful but Horowitz has managed it easily. We have the same suspenseful vibes of House of Lives while incorporating the simplicity and vintage detective fiction of Agatha  Christie. It’s a very special read and I’ve loved every bit of it.


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P.S. I’m still out enjoying the world!!!





  • This seems like an interesting book! As an aspiring writer I know that story-within-story is hard to write (I haven’t attempted that myself haha). Just curious, why is this 4 stars and not 5?

    Those are gorgeous photos! Where is this, if I may ask? Enjoy the rest of your travels!



  • Sounds fabulous! Christie-inspired work can be very hit and miss, but when done right, it’s beautiful.


  • Enjoy the world, dear 😀
    I love the fact you say it’s an original story! For this only, I want to read it! It’s so true that only some writers can master the art of having a plot within another plot! And the Agatha Christie vibes are the final strike… I must read this! Great review!! x


  • ooh exciting- it’s been forever since I read an Anthony Horowitz book, but I’ve seen him making a resurgence lately and have been curious about his newer books! I’m glad this was so good!! And wow- those pics at the end!! Your adventures look so exciting!! 😀


  • Detective? Inspired by Agatha Christie? I already wanted to read this book, but I’ll definitely have to push it further towards the top of my wishlist! Great review. 🙂


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