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You know time flies when a whole year of blogging just goes by without you ever noticing it. That’s right. Today marks Bookidote’s second anniversary. Who would have thought? We sure as hell did! Blogging has become such a huge extension of our lives, it is impossible to think what it would be like giving up on such a creative outlet, on such a formidable source of bookish pleasure and on such a fantastic bookworm community.

For this special edition, we decided to pick our top 5 book reviews that we love πŸ˜‰ It also happens to be some of our favourite books LOL

To see the review, simply click on the book’s picture πŸ™‚ 






Every single one of you who took the time to leave their thoughts and simply talk to us are truly amazing. We absolutely love every single one of you guys who took the time to read what we want to share and will always be grateful for the littlest word you wish to share with us as well. After all, if there’s something that books have taught us it’s that every single word is as precious as diamond. The mere weight and impact that a word can have on us is phenomenal and whenever you guys have something to say, we’re always so very happy and thankful that such a community exists! A community where there is no prejudice or hate but only a desire to regroup under a same passion: literature.

Thank you all for being so awesome and for sticking around for another year with Bookidote! Here’s to countless more blogging fun! Even if we have not met yet, hopefully the days to come will only bring us to discover each other and make our interactions as fun as possible! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING! WE LOVE YOU! ❀



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