How to make time to read


I think this is one the most popular question my friends and followers have asked me. ”How do you make time to read? How do you have time at all? ” And I just look at them like : HOW DON’T YOU HAVE TIME?! 


HAH kidding, I know it’s easy for me to say that books are in my everyday life. So here are few tips I’d like to share with you or maybe you can relate too  😀

1. Always have a book with you

This first step is very important guys😂 Do not leave your house without a book, even if it’s on your phone or a physical book in your bag. I always end up with like 3 books in my bag because I have that strange phobia where I  fear that I won’t have any book left to read…


2. Take advantage of the public transportation

Reading in the subway or in the bus are one my favourite things to do. Because when you read, time flies by and your trip ends sooner. I also happen to miss a few stations due to reading but let’s say it’s fine 😂 Just be vigilant hehe


3. Replace waiting with a book

Everytime I have to wait for something in the day, I take out my book and read. If you’re waiting for your turn in the clinic or for that pasta to boil or to get out of prison 😀


4. Read 2 books at the same time

It can be confusing  when you’re reading two books at the same time. The storylines can get mixed in the process , and you don’t know which book is which anymore. BUT, after awhile you get used to it and keep track haven’t been easier. Believe me, it’s so worth it.


5. Join a reading challenge

Goodreads  has developed a good way to keep track of your reading by creating a Reading Challenge every year! You have a goal to read every year and everytime you’ve marked it READ, it uploads automatically which is pretty cool.



6. Audiobooks

Some of the comments mentioned audiobooks and I think that’s a great advice !

Bookstooge: I keep an audio book of non-fiction on my phone for when I’m driving. I listen to that instead of the radio.

LJSHouse2015: If you have a car that will connect to your phone and vice versa, you can listen while you drive without having to fool with headphones or switching tapes or CDs. Also, if you have Bluetooth headphones, you can listen while you do housework or other chores that don’t require too much thinking.


If you have other tips please leave them in the comments section below so everybody could read them ! 😉


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