[ARC] Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo


«Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine. » 

Leigh Bardugo- Warbringer, Wonderwoman

One of the most anticipated YA novel this year, and oh my it didn’t disappoint !

21215969_10155893657822780_1099687505_oAfter everyone’s love for the movie, I wonder how this book would fit in the storyline. It started out a lot like the movie, we have a young Diana who struggled to belong among the Amazons. She’s preparing for one of the biggest race and being the youngest Amazon and the queen’s daughter, everyone is watching her closely. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. During her obstacle course, she spotted a girl in verge to drown and decide to jump from the cliff and rescue her. Little does she know, this girl is Alia, from New York (from our time) and has no clue what the Amazons are or what danger she’s bringing onto the island. Characters

The POV switched from Diana’s and Alia’s, which is very cool to have two main characters who are completely opposite in personality. Diana as a teenager who has to confront the real lives of New York City and trying to blend in despite her pretty face, big size and fit allure. While Alia is a real ”nerd”, she also happens to be the daughter of the most important scientists of New York and trying to escape her elite life by finding her true-self.

We are also introduced to Jason, Alia’s brother, a total control freak but handsome. Theo, the computer genius who is Jason’s best friend and Nim who’s Alia’s best friend, designer and lesbian. I love all the characters, they brought so much life to the story and the replies are so funny. Nim’s character is very interesting because she has such witty replies, demonstrating a fierce personality while making comments about having a girl crush on  Diana haha. I found that adorable.

risiing aciton


Leigh Bardugo did what she did best, she’s not only writing a novel but she’s writing a movie as if it happens in front of us. All the kick-ass scenes, every interactions and events were fun to read, I love every bit of it.


My only complain and the reason why it’s a 4 stars not 5 is the the main conflict. Alia being the catalyst of all the wars, a Warbringer, daughter of Helen and Nemesis. When I read about this, my first thought was W-T-F? Is she really going to go with this as the main problem? And she did. Why I find this really weird ? Because the only reason why there are wars, it’s her own existence, her presence. I just think the author could do something better than that..

But the climax, OH DAMN that was a great one and the concept behind it is flawless! 


› Strong females lead and lovely characters

› Funny dialogues 

› Strong dynamism,  friendship and sisterhood and I just love that 

› Plot was good, actions everywhere but only the main conflict is weak 

› A lot of Greek mythologies trivia info  


The book is will be out on August 29,2017 , let me know if you intend to read it 😀

Thank you Penguin Random House for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review! 


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