Strange Fire by Tommy Wallach

MY RATING : ★★/5 

Wow quel plaisir ! That’s what I screamed to myself on my couch when I finish this book. It’s probably one of my favourite dystopian novel of the year.


The overall plot of the book is between two brothers Clive and Clover. One is eighteen, has to be an adult and bears new responsibilities as a man and the other is one of the smartest in the family, recruited by The Library as a young age and has a big interest in knowledge. But knowledge and science are not welcomed in this society. Their family have been on the road to spread the message of The Daughter, worshipping a religion who forbids the thirst for knowledge. But as they travel together, both brothers discover a few things that don’t make sense, series of events that may reveal to them as the dark truth behind their father’s doctrine.



Tommy Wallach started strong alright. Man, he got me at that prologue reminding me of that old typical fantasy book I used to read and enjoy as a child. The writing is so good, the right amount of clarity, vulgarization and beautiful descriptions at the same time. It feels almost like reading Strange The Dreamer with the setting of Game Of Thrones. 

What really blows me aways is how well  he captured the debate of religion, faith vs science and knowledge. As you read, you would want to know what happened in the past? Why they are so against science? It reminds me a lot of the Middle Age period where Church was on top of everything. It’s like history repeating itself. The characters were well portrayed and developed. I seriously can’t wait to read the sequels !

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 🙂 


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  1. Dystopya it’s not my cup of tea, but your review made me curious, so I start to write down the title, I love what you write about the author’s writing! 🙂


    1. Hahaha yayy ! Happy I could convince you a bit 🙂 This book is very underrated and I didn’t hear so much buzz about it. It’s def a gem for me 😌

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  2. Marie says:

    Okay, I’m SO intrigued by this book after reading your review! I didn’t hear about it at all before, which surprises me a bit, to be honest. It sounds like a very intriguing read. I’ve been getting back into dystopian kind of reads lately, after a quite long and much needed break and I feel like that one would be right up my alley. And two brothers at the heart of the story? LOVE the family vibes and siblings in stories. I’ll have to add that one to the TBR 🙂


    1. Two brothers at the heart of the story is so rare!! :O I hope you like it, because this genre is a lil bit special I’m not sure it’s a good one for everybody (but so does any other books) Thank you for passing by Marie ❤

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  3. Nice review! This sounds very interesting and I love the cover! I might give it a shot! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!! 😀 It was great and I find the cover absolutely brilliannt !

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  4. Ooh that’s a great premise! Very intrigued by this!!


  5. Zezee says:

    Religion debate, faith vs. knowledge, religion vs. science = immediately adding book to my tbr!

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  6. What a fantastic review Trang!!!! You really know how to catch the essence of a story!!!❤📚😍 I will have to make sure I add this to my TBR for sure!!!❤❤❤📚📚📚 #bloggerbabecrush


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