Best Snow White Retelling So Far // Girls Made Of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

MY RATING : ★★/5 

When I started reading this book, I expected a very average teenage fantasy story because I’ve been disappointed in so many YA books lately. Surprisingly, as soon as I think that I find myself diving in the book and never let it go for the next 3 hours and read it one shot. YES, that’s how good it was!


I would love to say that it’s the usual plot but nope this one is actually unexpected. Without spoiling anything, you have Mina, the step-mother, a beautiful woman with an exquisite charm and Lynet, the princess who become quite fond of her stepmother. Since she was a little girl, Lynet wanted to be like Mina, a beauty and those fierce traits that she always looked up to. Unfortunately, as the story unfolds their relations would turn into anger and a battle of powers take place. Don’t read the official blurb, it gives away too much of the story. (1) (2)

The supernatural aspect in this book felt very light and enchanting, it has a certain logic behind it. I know that some people don’t care about how the author builds their magical aspect but I do hehe and this one did its job!

It’s a retelling of Snow White , SNOW WHIITE PEOPLE! Is it me or is it so rare to stumble on retellings of that tale haha.  While I’m very picky with my retellings, I find the ideas incorporated in this story very clever and original.You would find the hunter, the mirror reference and some dark twists.


There are a lot of actions (you have kick-ass women), some romance but mostly the theme of the book is the family bond that Mina and Lynet shared. For that aspect alone, this book deserves a 5 stars. Their interactions look so real, raw and pure that when they start to go against each other I find myself screaming at the book you know.. NOO GET BACK TOGETHER. I like this new trend of not-going-for-romance but let’s-explore-other-kind-of-relations . Let’s be honest, human interactions are not limited to romance. Friendships, family, complex interactions should be discussed too.


Oh and there’s a lesbian couple in the book!!❤ They were absolutely adorable, they also contribute greatly to the main story. I was happy to see how all the characters had a big role to play in the end and not some side characters that you throw away and not talk about.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this book, it has that Frozen vibe and the story behind one villain who is just misunderstood. 

Thank you to Raincoast Books for providing an advanced copy of this book! 


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