13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough // Brilliant Constructed Crime YA

MY RATING : ★★/5 

I don’t always appreciate thrillers nowadays BUT this one is one hell of exception.  

The overall plot is around Natasha who was dead for 13 minutes in a freezing river, she woke up from a coma and can’t recall what happened or how she ended up dead. Okay, past me was like : REALLLY? Another AMNESIA-JUSTIFYING-CRIME-THRILLER? I started reading and you know what? It was pretty good!The fun thing is, this girl SURVIVED she wasn’t some other protagonist who has amnesia and forget what she saw that night and has to force herself to remember to help the police with another murder (cough cough The Girl on The Train vibe). This story is about the girl. She’s the victim, she was the one who was dead and she was the one who had amnesia.


When I thought it only stopped there, oh hell naw. The story clung to me, pulled me in, I was totally obsessed with the book.  It took me by surprise and it was beautifully structured. The toxic friendships, the manipulation, the power struggles, that reminded me a lot of my life and I can completely relate. The suspense was built until the end, the big twist and the revelation completely made sense.


The characters were very well described and portrayed, I thought the two main characters were totally opposite but evolve in the same way. You see one’s vulnerabilities turn into the other’s strength. It’s amazing how they completed each other as a dynamic duo.

Yes you have the typical, Barbie clique going on, and some people would even fight me by saying that  “it’s such a stereotype” “our school wasn’t even like that” blablah. One’s experience does not define the other.You may not witness that, but I did and like many others and yes teenagers can be cruel, teenagers can be quite arrogant and egocentric, believe me, teenagers when they turn psychopath? Oh boy, it’s even more..problematic. tumblr_m85nztxwho1rvxddfo1_500

If you liked the Pretty Little Liars (Ally psycho vibe) with a mix of Mean Girls, a gripping story, this book is definitely for you. In my opinion, this YA crime story beat A Stranger In The House , The Girl On The Train by… a lot.

People should seriously step up their games in the contemporary thriller section!

Thank you to Raincoast Books for providing an advanced copy of this book! 


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