The Age of Instagram Poems // the sun and her flowers, Love Her Wild, The Universe of Us review

If you’ve been on Tumblr or Instagram lately, you will notice the rise of a new art: the short and sweet poems. This is a reborn for poems, because once they were linked to complex words and over-exaggeration and now, well, they are simple, sweet, short and efficient.  Some understand the power of words and master it beautifully.

So, I’m here to share with you my top favourite poetry collections this Fall ! ❤ 



 The Universe of Us by Lang Leav. I loved her Love and Misadventures and I feel like with this one, she was more connected to her storytelling roots. The poems are longer, there are more stories and I love how honest she is. She knows that after several books, it :universeofusodetowriters

This poem describes my overall feeling for the book too, it was alright but not as good. This is only because I compare her own work to this book, but compared to other poetry books nowadays this one still remains in my top 😀





(c) Bookidote

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur. I’ve been dying to review this book since I’ve read it and now finally I can do it: IT WAS AMAZING people. In this volume, she tackles abuse, toxic relationship but also mentions her origins, and struggles with immigrations. The last theme I can personally relate to it since I struggled with having a french accent in a perfect bilingual city and almost everyone can recognize it and tease you about it haha. I’ve been witnessing my parent’s immigrations obstacles from Vietnam to France to Canada (yup we had quite a journey haha) Nonetheless, this volume holds dear to me because it allows me to reconnect with my roots and be proud of who I am, be caring, thinking about my parents’ sacrifices. She also talks about women body, equality, and what she learned from all of her bad experience.

Other book from the author: Milk & Honey Review here 




(c) Bookidote

My favourite poetry novel of all time !! It wins me over with the delicate, simple and sweet words and stunning photography. It’s something that  makes it even more special than the other poetry books. The Photography. The Layering. The Design. Everything in this book screams FEEELS. It was made for me to feel something and I appreciate the time and efforts people put into this. It succeeded, the experience was so worth it. I invite you all to go to the library, ask for this book, dive in and see for yourself. 

(c) Bookidote
(c) Bookidote

While some master this Instagram poem age some other well they try to imitate the trend and failed to deliver. Let me know if you want a Top Least Favourite Poetry Novels post in the future LOL Trang rant time ! Who missed that 😉 . ?

Special thanks to Simon& Schuster Canada for giving a copy of these books in exchange for a review! 


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