Origin by Dan Brown : Artificial Intelligence vs Gods


Alright y’all, Dan Brown is back! WOO but as the fifth instalment… it’s quite well… predictable.

The title is self-explanatory – it’s about the ORIGIN OF THE WORLD. If you’ve read his other sequels you will PROBABLY see the pattern in all his stories. Im not going to spoil the exact pattern here for those who haven’t read any of Dan Browns yet 😉 In general, Dan Brown has this ability to throw us a bunch of facts, create a story around it and pick THAT ONE TRENDY MYSTERIOUS QUESTION and put a murder on it.


The story of Origin unfolds this way:

  • Edmond Kirsch, a forty-year-old billionaire computer genie was on the verge  of revealing to entire world what is the origin of the world when he was shot to death.
  • Robert Landon has to find out who killed Edmond (who is also his former student)
  • We learn that Edmond’s discovery will shock the world, especially putting religions to shame.. but WHAT IS IT? TUN TUN TUN.
  • This is where Dan Brown settle for his theme : Religion vs Science and the rise of computational theories


It’s simply ENJOYABLE. I mean, if you don’t have anything to do and you would like to learn about science, arts, history and religions, this book is a good vulgarization tool to turn to.  It’s fun to read. But, I’m putting a huge emphasis on vulgarization.  I can’t say for the historical facts or art but some neuroscience facts in there are just erroneously explained. So, be critical guys.


It’s way too predictable. People are saying “That’s Dan Brown’s signature, hater”. Okay but when I can predict EVERYTHING from the plot to the twists, there’s a problem. I’m sure he can think of some way to move things around. For example, why the side character is always a woman?  You are reading a book because you want the author to surprise you, right?  Imagine reading it knowing you will be entering the same story all over again : oh yes, I’m going to enjoy this redundant plot device yay! Oh, the author, he’s trying so hard to point us in that person but finding out he is not the villain after all? How surprising!!


It lacks that mystery-thriller vibe. In fact, it is soo focused on the debate Science vs religion that I would put it under science-fiction. Da Vinci Code was his best novel in my opinion because it has that mystery vibe. We can feel the suspense, we want to know more about it. In the Origin, the murder is not that important, it’s almost an accessory. It’s all about that science discovery.

There’s an AI virtual assistant, a voiced companion bot. This is the best part of the novel in my opinion. Remember how I said Dan Brown would take the most trendy thing and use it? There it is. AI robots are at the heart of todays media and science discussion. So of course a multi billionaire computer genius would have created one right? 😉



The theory at the end of how he explained the origin of life is indeed a real theory developed by Jeremy England :

«[…]how atoms, driven by external energy (such as that found in primordial soup) and heat (like you’d find in an atmosphere), will gradually restructure themselves to dissipate more and more energy. In other words, under the right conditions, matter naturally acquires the basic physical quality — the tendency to capture energy from the environment and dissipate it as heat — associated with life, based on the law of increasing entropy or the second law of thermodynamics, also called the “arrow of time.» – New Theory for Life Suggests It Was Not an Accident of Biology. It Was Physics.

Of course like so many hypothesis out there, it still remain unclear. It is not confirmed yet that this theory explains how life was created.  He did some experiments with his computer models that seem to confirm certain particles’ behaviours but we are far from generalizing it into the whole concept of life.



If you reviewed this book, FEEEL FREE to leave your links below I would love to check them out !

Big thank you to Penguin Random House for sending me a copy in exchange for a review! 

Do you want to read this ? Have you read any Dan Brown before ? 😀



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  • I’ve only read one Brown book (The Davincci Code), and while I enjoyed it, I never tried another. This one, though, sounds like it might be good since the science v. Religion thing interests me. I may have to give him another try.


    • Believe me, you didn’t miss much with other novels 😀 if you don’t want another try I can always briefly tell you the story less than 5 mins HEHE 😉 just let me know!


  • Great review! I have only read one Dan Brown book – The Da Vinci Code. I remember thinking it was a very enjoyable book, but I didn’t like how he tried to pass everything off as 100% factual. I remember more of all the books that were out there refuting the “facts” in it haha. I think fiction should just stay fiction – nice and fun.


    • Stephanie !! ❤ And yeah somehow Dan Brown has established since the first pages that ALL of the information are real and facts. But he forgets that his whole story is still.. VERY MUCH fictional.. THere's a thin line using real facts to prove that you know everything vs using them to make a better story!

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  • Anyone who reads Brown for “facts” is the kind of person who’ll quote Wikipedia as an “Authority”.
    I don’t have a problem with people enjoying Brown, but I can’t stand when they start using his stuff as the foundation for real life issues. That’s like claiming that Crichton’s books were filled with “real” science.

    I think I used up my quote quota for the day here 😀

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    • I think we all agree that Dan Brown facts are bullshit haaahah!
      The last time I read Crichton’s novel was Jurassic Park. The first 50 pages.. they killed me. Everything…was…so…WRONG. The fossils get “cleaned” in the field. No no. They don’t. They go to a lab where we can have advanced tool to clean and safe places to keep them. People should stay to Trangs’ words: “Be critical, guys”.

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    • Yeah and unfortunately it happens to me that young teenagers or even older people throw me a lot of facts but when I question them about it they say : “I read it quickly on the internet so Idk”. *sighh I just want people to be critical of all the information the media, books, internet can feed us LOL

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  • My sister, who’s 12 years old, has read all the books in the Robert Langdon series, and she really enjoyed them. She keeps telling me to read Angels and Demons (I haven’t read it yet!! Hahaha I feel like a failure). Are the Robert Langdon books good? My friends enjoyed reading them so much and I would love to give them a try.
    (P.S. – the science VS religion thing + computational theories seem so intriguing, and I would love to read more about that!)


    • Omg your sister is awesome LOL And no your’e not a failure for not reading that book WHT U TALKING ABOUT ❤ Robert Langdon best book for me was The Da Vinci Code. But with every book, Dan Brown talked about different themes so depends on what you like best. It can be easily read as standalone 😉


  • I have a copy of this book but I am yet to read it. I really liked Da Vinci Code but I haven’t read any other books by the author. Are the books written in sequel format or can they be read as standalone? Predictability is never a good thing so that makes me a bit hesitant to read this one. Great review!

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  • THAT GIF. LMAO!! Sorry that was redundant for you 😦 Dan Brown is popular for his genre.. I guess he doesn’t know it’s time for him to change his formula? 🤣 Good thing is the graphics are so prettyy 🌸 !


  • Great review! I predicted the role of Winston halfway through the novel. I don’t, however, agree with the ‘hybrid model’. I believe that AI is here to dominate us *shudders* 😀

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    • It was pretty obvious with Winston isn’t it ? LOL Thank you! I think AI has slowly started to dominate us despite all the optimistic who want to reassure us. We are more and more dependent on them XD


      • I know right? The other day I was listening to a theorist and what he said made a lot of sense to me. He said that who is going to teach AI about ‘ethics’ when we are so lacking in it, as it stands!


  • Oh I’ve never read a Dan Brown book but my parents love them 😂?? Maybe I’ll steal one from their library one day and read it.
    And I can’t wait for review of Turtles all the Way Down ❤!!


  • I really liked The Da Vinci code and The Lost Symbol but Digital Fortress was less my cup of tea, the whole digital world doesn’t really interest me so it’s a bit of a hit and miss with this author. I don’t think this one is my cup of tea either really with the technical mumbo jumbo thrown in here.. Great review though!


  • Great review! I am also wondering if this book would work as a standalone because the science vs. religion thing sounds interesting. I haven’t even read The Da Vinci code so I guess I need to get on that!


  • Great review for this book Trang, and after reading your review I think it’s an achievement Origin still got a three star rating from you! 🙂
    I haven’t read any of Dan Brown’s books but I saw the films and, yeah, I don’t think these books are for me. Plus like you being able to predict all the plot twists and reveals would just make me bored.


  • I enjoy Dan Brown for his pacy style of writing. I heard similar reviews from friends who said that they felt the pace falls off towards the middle and then the novel gets a bit dragging. Looks like you found the same thing as well. I might read it some day. But no hurry to pick it up, perhaps


  • I’ve watched all the movies but haven’t read any of the books. I know a lot of people enjoyed the first one a lot and they recommended it to me but TBR pile..
    I’m actually grateful that you gave a critical eye on this book and compared it to his previous works in terms of side characters being female and it not involving mystery.
    I’ll make sure to read his books in the future and get back to you on my thoughts! Wonderful review!


  • This is super helpful! I have the first here and shamefully admit it has sat neglected on my shelf for years. I did not enjoy the film so I could not bring myself to pick up the book even with all of the rave reviews. Reading this, I am not sure I am an ideal fit for this series at all. For some reason, I rarely enjoy the science vs religion theme and this one sounds a bit drug out for lack of better words. But I won’t mark it off as my tastes changes constantly 😉 I do think I would have expected more thriller so thanks for that heads up. You always hit the key points ❤


  • hehe yes, Brown’s ability to put a spin on a mysterious question has always been good. Very interesting themes for this as well! I can’t pretend I’ve ever been a fan though- cos yes, he kind of makes things up, in a way that sounds smart… but is also just nonsense. hahaha I love how the fact that Brown is predictable is his signature, cos I always thought that, but never thought it would be considered a good thing by some 😉 Anyhoo, this sounds pretty meh to me 😉 Great review though!


  • I actually haven’t even finished The Da Vinci Code 😀 don’t know why. It was kind of interesting, an yet, I just put it down. God knows 😀 but that was years ago, so I couldn’t even say now. However, I’ve never felt like picking up anything else by him, but that might also be because I’m not really that into thrillers.

    Speaking of religion vs science… Have you read His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman? I’ve just reviewed it yesterday (it’s only coming out the Dec 1st though! Yes, schedule maniac :D), but that was… purely epic. If you haven’t read it, you know what I’m gonna say 🙂

    And I believe a lot of fiction like that basically depends on vulgarization!


  • I had too much expectations with the ending. I was really expecting an birth shuttering revelation. My own review is at tnblaytespeaks.wordpress.com


  • I’m struggling through this at the moment, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the other Dan brown books but it’s just ehhh this is the 5th Robert Langdon story and it’s the same formula as all the others. I think the formula works and the plots are usually interesting but you only really needed one book with the same formula he needs to come up with a new plot layout so it’s not so predictable. Am I the only one that wishes that the “discovery ” would come at the beginning of the book for a change so we could actually explore the implications for a change. It’s like all his books are a lead up to world changing revelation and then we get the revelation or discovery and the book ends and nothing has changed in the next book. I love the ideas of discoveries and discussing with friends what they would really mean I wish he would write a book where we see these discoveries change the world and we see what actually happens. Buuuuttt I’ll persevere and I know I’ll buy whatever he writes next because I just need to know lol


  • Hello and thanks for your great book review . I really like the way you write. After i discovered your book review i start to search and found the book on http://bookaride.net/book/1159708133/origin . Not sure if i am allowed to paste a link(sorry if not) . I almost finished reading the book and i I consider Origin is a great book and everyone should read it. You should make more reviews because you are great at.


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