Bonfire by Krysten Ritter : Yes, Jessica Jones wrote a novel


Let’s be honest, with all the celebrities wanting to write books (and Youtubers…), I was skeptical whether this was going to be good or not. So, how did Krysten Ritter deliver?



I always have a hard time appreciating contemporary thrillers (as you can see in my previous reviews for A Stranger In The House or The Girl On The Train), but this one did its job.


It’s a fast-paced gripping thriller with an incredible story background and depth.  


Shoutout to  Dani☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆  for reading along with me!  It was pure coincidence when we find out we read the same book on Goodreads and since we just happen to bond with each other we decided to buddy read LOL

« Bonfire was not only written by the amazingly sexy and custom Krysten Ritter, it was a story filled with epic twists and turns. I felt like I was living the main characters emotions! When I thought I had things figured out, the author completely throw me off guard! A highly recommended legal thriller!»-Dani☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆


1.The protagonist, Abby is an environmental lawyer and she’s going back to her hometown  to investigate Optimal Plastics, a high profile company. (Okay wtf Trang how’s that a good reason?!) HEAR ME OUT.  How many books have you read with this profession in it and tackled environment issues? It’s the first time I encountered a protagonist with this career and oh hell, it was so interesting! I can see that Krysten Ritter had to do a lot of research in the legal terms to even tackles those issues.  It’s not the kind of boring facts about ecology, it’s making us realize how big corporations can endanger thousands of lives. It reminds me a lot of Suits the tv show.


2. A mix of thriller and toxic high-school teenagers. Bullying at its most horrific form. Abusive parents. You can find a whole bunch of unpleasant but subtle scenes in there. This is where lies her strength. The author doesn’t need to explicitly describes an abusive relation scene, she uses one to two sentences from a flashback that makes you go : OH SHIT. OH SHIT. THIS HAPPENED.

3. Strong characterization. Abby is a messy character with a haunting past, but at least she’s good at what she does: investigating. She reminds me a lot of Jessica Jones herself. Always looking for a glass of alcohol to forget her past but it just comes right back at her. She will have to confront her demons herself.


Kaycee is a side character, an old classmate of Abby who ran out of town a long time ago and Abby never knew what happened to her. She’s one of the characters I found super compelling and creatively well done. Why? Because we only get to know Kaycee through Abby’s’ memories and well… this girl  Kaycee was dangerous. I can’t imagine if she was there and we get a peek of her piece of mind.

(c) Bookidote

4. The denouement is mind blowing! It makes so much sense but so terrible and disgusting at the same time. By disgusting I mean.. not “horror movie way” with monsters eating children. Disgusting in a way it’s out of the society norms way.. I don’t even know if that makes sense.




Thank you to Penguin Random House for giving me an advanced copy in exchange for a  review! 


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