Artemis by Andy Weir : Lunar Civilization and YA Approach


When they announce that Andy Weir would release a new book this year, I HAD TO REQUEST A COPY FROM MY PUBLISHER ❤ I greatly enjoyed The Martian, as you can see in this review, so I was looking forward to this book.


Jazz Bashara, is a “porter”, another word for a criminal who smuggles contrabands in town. When one of her employers offers her the ultimate job with a millions on the line, she couldn’t refuse. Even if she has to do the impossible and probably tackles one of the biggest cartel and criminal organization coming from Earth . Sounds cool? Yeah, did I mention that this all happen ON THE MOON?



The premise is solid and very interesting. Andy Weir wanted to create a scifi YA vibe with a heist on the moon and it’s great. He has given a tight explanation on the importance of that heist and what would that means to the main character.

The dialogue is hilarious I think that has always been Andy Weir tour de force, is he he is not afraid to get real and give us the everyday conversation.

 I clicked the trigger and the blowtorch flamed to life. I held it out at arm’s length toward the approaching [guy who’s holding a knife]. ” Which part of your face you want crème bruléed, asshole?”

Jin Chu covered his face and cried. “And I’m going to get fired too!” 

“Goddamnit it!” I yelled to him. “Will you stop whining about your problems during my murder?!” 


The characters are diverse and unique. Jazz’s family is from Saudi Arabia and her father is one of the greatest man I’ve ever met in book. Stay true to his values, family comes first but is tough and hard on Jazz when he needs to. Reminds me a lot of my father to be honest. Jazz’s personality is witty, smart and people keep repeating that she had a lot of potential, can become something greater than just a criminal. I love how the author introduce us slowly to everybody until he reunites them altogether for a big “coup”.

Love the LAST PAGE of the book, it implied MAYBE a sequel and I was excited because all the things they did in this novel looks like it just the beginning of a new era for the next one.



Then, why the hell did you rate it 3,7  / 5?


This point here is tricky because I like Andy Weir for the science (like in the Martian) and I also don’t like him writing about it for another reason.

If you are not into hard science theories and ramblings, this might be one of the weak points of the novel.

Believe me, I love hard science novels like The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin. The difference between the two books  is, Andy Weir brushed the surface of science by confusing us with technical terms while Cixin had an efficient use of words and go straight to the point so the reader can get the image. While Andy Weir has tried VERY HARD to vulgarize it, there are still some parts of me that went. WHAT WAIT. What was that about?! I had to reread-3-4 times the paragraph to get an image in my head.


 And the opposite bothers me too. Having a science background, when an author decides to go full-science-mode I expect it to be at least, proper facts.


“I cranked the acetylene valve, set the touch mixture to ignition mode,and-

It didn’t start. I tried again.Nothing. Not even sparks. […]

Flint and steel won’t work in a vaccum. “

Unfortunately for Andy Weir, I happen to remember a lot of my chemistry classes and when flint strikes the steel, THERE ARE SPARKS. But  tiny ones. It is caused by the heat from friction. Since it is is concentrated and focused on one small spot, the point of contact where the tiny steel fragment is heated until glowing an broken off. The vacuum is absent of oxygen so it won’t support the continued combustion and the spark goes off.


This science is the main reason why I removed 1,3 star, because it kind of ruined my reading. Imagine you are following a super fast-paced action scene and the scene just stops to describe you the physics behind it and then you find out, the physics are not even correct.  



Thank you to Penguin Random House for giving me an advanced copy in exchange for a  review! 

Artemis just released today, people! 

P.S: If you have reviewed Artemis too, feel free to link me to your post so I can check it out 😀

P.P.S: It’s a record that I review back to back 3 posts in a row so I might take little hiatus until.. Friday 😉 #time to rest a bit

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  • Loved your review, Trang! I’m sorry you didn’t love this as much as The Martian, but glad you enjoyed the story anyway. Next month I’ll have this in my clutches. I can’t wait to read it haha.


  • Wonderful review Trang! I’m currently reading Artemis but I read much slower due to my work schedule. I don’t typically like reading reviews before I write my own but I couldn’t resist & I’m glad I did read your review. Now I feel less bad about the fact that I too have been re-reading passages 2 or 3 times to wrap my head around the science jargon. I am still enjoying it & the MC has fave character potential but well it’s going to take me a minute I think to finish this one.


    • No problem Lily ❤ !! Omg I feel honored HAHA LILY CAME TO MY REVIEW WOO 😀 I'm very curious to see how you would review it too ;)) Believe me those science facts got mso confused sometimes I would just close the book for a while to get my mind fresh and ready to go LOL


  • Great review, Trang! Despite issues, I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Too much info dumping on science stuff might be annoying for some readers including me. I can handle them in movies but in books I find it annoying because they just slow down the pace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YEAH SAME! I can handle them in movies but something in this book, especially laid out like that Idk. I expected more since I enjoyed The Martian and the science was x1000 more accentuated. But in this novel, its just weirdly confusing.


    • Thank you Kristin! 😀 INDEED. It was his attempt of mixing YA and SciFI adult at the same time. The main character is 26 y-o but it feels like she’s 18 or something.


  • *Totally* agree about the premise!! hahaha I loved that line and I *definitely* agree that the dialogue was hilarious!! And the characters were so fun 😀 hehehe I will be totally honest, I felt like the science sounded sciencey and I glazed over it- you are so smart though! I *never* would have known this! (to me he may as well have said “the magic didn’t work” lol 😉 ) Glad you liked this one though!! And I loved your review!! Plus- your fonts on this is are seriously epic- probably a bit random, but I just love the aesthetic of this whole review!!


    • I’ve never been on a half star only scale. I always switched it up when stars couldn’t represent what the numbers could. In fact, I did that in a lot of my movie reviews. And some book reviews too when I think a round number doesn’t do it justice.

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  • I still have yet to read The Martian (oops!), but I want to read this, too. I agree that too much science or technical jargon in a book can really bring things down. Sometimes I feel like the author just does so much research on something and then don’t want it to go to waste.


    • That is definitely the main reason why the author put science in there LOL But I think it is also their responsibility to make the readers understand what they are saying. In fact, The Martian was so good but it has TONS of science. Even more than Artemis. About physics mostly. Somehow, he made it clear and efficient. Unfortunately, Artemis didn’t have the same fate. It was rushed science ending it confusing facts

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  • Awesome Review Trang!!!!! I’m glad you found this book hilarious. I honestly haven’t read The Martian but need to eventually! I loved your review as always! Your layout is awesome!😎 I also love you and Lashaan’s blog layout!!!😉 Wish you enjoyed this title a bit better! Best wishes blogger babe crush!!!!!!💜💙💚💛💋💝💘💟


  • Great review, Trang! I don’t remember a lot of my chemistry like you do but did feel similar about all the science – although some of it was great, especially in the world building, some of it slowed down the pace, especially during the more action packed scenes.


  • Great review Trang, and I’m glad overall you enjoyed this book as well. 🙂 I’ve seen a few reviews for Artemis so far and they’re all really positive. I’ve added this to my to-read list along with The Martian but hearing all about Andy Weir’s witty writing style (in both your review and others) makes me want to move both releases higher on my TBR list, I love witty characters! 😀


  • Love the format of your reviews! I’m curious to check this one out, as I enjoyed The Martian (at least the movie, which I *gasp* prefer to the book *hides). His physics and hard science explanations tend to go way over my head though, so thanks for the warning!


    • Thank you so much Aentee!! 😀 Appreciated that you love the format of my review! No problem, the movie definitely makes it better and easier. The humour was so on point too! ❤


  • You beat me too it, I still haven’t reviewed it yet. I agree with you for the most part. The science part didn’t bother me so much, maybe it’s because I excelled at biology not chem. Although I did notice the spark thing. I love the dialogue as well, but I just found it wasn’t as funny as the Martian and I suspect it was because there wasn’t the same amount of internal dialogue.


    • I never excelled in chem HAH In fact the only way I remembered it it’s because I’ve made so many mistakes in my chem assignments. Happy to see that you love the dialogues too 😀 It idn’t beat TheMartian that’s for sure T_T

      Liked by 1 person

  • So back to where we were when we talked about Nyxia: yet again, my blog wasn’t good enough to warrant an ARC xD I don’t get why I receive pretty much any other genre BUT scifi 😀 it’s terrible xD it’s like a ridiculous conspiracy xD so naturally I’ve been a little bit *grumble grumble* about absolutely everyone reviewing it, even the tiny blogs that don’t get any comments 😀 #HulkSmash

    I also really enjoyed the Martian, so I am quite curious about this one. Also, you have pretty pics!

    I wouldn’t be surprised about the funny dialogue! It wouldn’t be Any Weir without it 😀 glad to hear about the diverse characters as well. Ooh, that last page!! Very cool. It’s also really cool how you’re giving it a rating like that, not even in half stars 😀 that’s pretty dedicated! Hah 😀

    Hmm! That’s a pretty strong argument! Cause despite not having a problem with hard scifi or sciencey bits, I thought Three Body was pretty damn scientific theory heavy. But if this is more so, and dry as well, then that’s a serious accusation 😀 it makes me all the more curious though. By the way. At the end of November I will be posting a discussion about the hard scifi language barrier (exactly this kind of stuff), so feel free to drop by, I’d love to hear your opinion 🙂 excited about that post.


    • OMGAD. OMGAD. There right here!! I think you just described the unfairness of ARC marketing. Your blog deserves it!! I got mad all the same when I get refused for a blog tour and then we click on it and the blogs don’t even have likes or comments :/ #HULKSMASH indeed.

      My rating system fit better with numbers now LOL yeah like I mentioned in the review, The THree Body Problem was accurate science and it was clear. I could understand it! But something was missing in this one. The syntax when he was describing the science was just so weird you know :/ YOU NEED TO LINK ME THAT POST AHAH ❤


      • I haven’t been answering my comments again xD as for #hulksmash… you know, maybe they have like… quotas? First come first served? So maybe šoke blogs just get it early… I don’t see any other reason why you’d be refused and a small blog would still get it 😀 you’re in the Western world, your blog has good follows and looks clean, you have been blogging for over a half a year (that’s a thing too, apparently). I just don’t see how else a small blog would receive it and you wouldn’t xD or… maybe they just randomize? 😀 lol…


  • This is the reason I don’t want to pick this book up. The same thing happened with the Martian also, I just couldn’t go past 20%. Anyway, this book is not my cup of tea but I’m glad you enjoyed it nevertheless.


  • OH EM GEEE ⁉️ 😨HOW DID I MISS THIS POST⁉️ 😭 😭 I’M SO SORRY TRANG. 💖 💖 💖 💖 PLEASE FORGIVE ME. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ LUNAR CIVILIZATION? 🌚 sounds very cool!! I’m going to have to pick this up even if you didn’t like it 😇 It just sounds so funny! 😂


  • Fabulous review ❤ I have yet to read Weir, but am so hesitant. I can really enjoy science fiction at times, but when you reach that point where it is just nonstop jargon or science talk for ages it is not fun for me any more. I also tend to nod off a lot lately due to symptoms, so this sounds like one I would have trouble with and find myself rereading parts possibly. Maybe shelved for later.


  • Great review Trang. I have been seeing this book around and one of my blogger friends told me that it has a Kenyan character which definitely intrigued me because I don’t get to see my country mentioned often in most books. Unfortunately, I am totally clueless when it comes to Science so that makes me hesitatnt to read this. Glad that you enjoyed it though despite the issues that you mentioned:-)


  • I loved this review that you gave us, it’s really great. I started to read this book and it took me a while to finish it and sometimes I was soooo confused with all the science stuff but I still enjoyed reading it.


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