Justice League Movie Review: Enjoyable But Messy

HI there! 😀 Trang’s back from her mini hiatus as announced in the end of my last post (Kind of back I’m out of town for the day, this is a scheduled post that I wanted to share with you guys a long time ago LOL just waiting for the right time to drop it. Also, I’m going to be blog hopping real soon, answering comments, send some love and spamming y’all blogs! )

Back to the subject : I’m not going to lie, when I first step out of the theatre room I was IN ECSTASY. WOOW ! I think I got so excited because all of the superheroes were reunited on screen.





 I’m going to tell you all my little secret, my favourite DC superhero of all time is FLASH! So can you imagine my level of excitement when I can finally see him on the big screen and played by Ezra Miller (who’s one of my fave actor since We Need To Talk about Kevin and The Perks of Being a Wallflower)?! I. WAS. IN. HEAVEN. He was perfect. The Flash in the comics always bringing the humour and that awkward nerdy vibe and tha’ts what he delivers.blueweepylark-small

Aquaman and Cyborg

The two also bring an interesting side to the story. I think Aquaman stood out because of the actor’s popularity but  Cyborg’s storyline was one of the best in my opinion.


Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot is the only woman in Justice League and I believe she’s a screen stealer every time she’s featured in a DC movie. Wonder Woman brings the mystical and out of this world action into this movie which is one of the things I like about it. Without her, there’s just no connection to that ancient world.




Some people think it’s because of Ben Affleck. I’m here to tell you it’s not. I love Ben Affleck as an actor and especially as an “older” Batman.  Why I didn’t like Batman it’s because Batman has always been my least favourite character from DC Comics and this movie just reminded me of why. I can imagine people looking already like:


Let me explain. I wanted a good team effort superheroes kind of movie. Where you can see some character’s depth from everyone in the group. This was totally focused on Batman. We only get glimpse at how Flash or Cyborg can be important but other than that, it’s Bat Time.  It can be renamed BATMAN : HOW I CREATED JUSTICE LEAGUE to be honest. Then, these other superheroes have super nice powers, one’s even a semi-Goddess and the other is a frkn Aqua King. While Batman is … well just rich. I know, I know DC comics was born thanks to Batman. Can we move on?

The disjointed editing

It’s MESSY AF OKAY. I believe they had to switch Zack Snyder at some point but that doesn’t mean they can just hire someone to take a look at the final editing. I know I know it takes a lot of time. But I mean, for such a big movie?! Can you try to make time? Some bad CGI in there too..

The villain

Do DC Comics just decide to give up to all the other villains and only keep The Joker as the main star?Because like in Wonder Woman, I was not impressed by this DC villain’s performance. It’s dull and uninspired.


In the end, I’m still recommending the movie because it’s FUN and it’s THE MOVIE WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. I’m looking forward to more Flash ! ❤ Despite the Batman and the dull villain, we can all be the Simpsons and just enjoy this cinematic experience in a huge editing mess.  



Thank You to Cinema Montreal for letting me assist to the advance screening !

  • If I didn’t watch Superman V Batman, can I still watch it? Yes, but mega spoiler ahead. My best advice is go watch it now. 
  • Is Superman back in the movie? You know the real answer at the bottom of your heart. 
  • Is there a post-credit scene?YES. So stay. Longer. Like UNTIL THE END END. 


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