The Diabolic by S.J Kincaid : Cinder meets Blade Runner

 I don’t even know how to start this review oh my god. All I’m going to say is The Diabolic just gave me hope for Young Adults novel. While reading this novel, it didn’t feel like childish to me.

It could be marketing as Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy and I would believe it. 



The novel starts out with the scene where a Diabolic, named Nemesis, wakes up from its sleep and we get introduced on what they are. Diabolics are what I called bodyguards for rich people. Their purpose in life is to protect the child they’ve been assigned to. They are also as young as the child. So when the two of them grow up, they mostly become best friends. But with one condition: The Diabolic is deadly AS F**CK.  They only swear to protect one person, so if anyone around them seem like a threat they won’t hesitate to go into KILL MODE.  Including their own family, or friends. 


The universe is also very rich and full of surprises. We have the Empire and some Senators who fight for science but the Emperor condemns anyone who roots for science. So the story follows the Senator’s Daughter,  Sidonia, who’s been summoned to the galactic court for execution since her father has disobeyed the Emperor. (The Emperor is also this twisted little guy who likes to watch the people around their victims suffer first so that’s why he summoned the daughter and not the Senator). What the Emperor doesn’t know however, is that Sidonia’s Diabolic is Nemesis. Of course she won’t let her come to the Emperor unprepared. 

23998221_10156151329992780_65993998_o copy

I’m not going to tell you more than this because I think it’s more exciting to read this book when you know the least of it.

Don’t read the blurb on Goodreads, it spoils too much LOL 


 THE PLOT TWISTS!! OMG I was on edge for every second, didn’t know what to expect and then BAM another thing happened and little do I know I have more feelings than I can count. The author is like HA IN YOUR FACE. 


Full-packed action and great character development. I really fell for the bond and friendship between Sidonia and Nemesis. You see once again the big question of cyborg vs human, can they feel the emotions like we do? Can they love someone naturally since they were programmed to protect only one person? What happened when they become un-bound?  All the side characters were so well introduced that I wasn’t suspecting how they all wrap up in the end, but they did.  It gave the ending such a strong effect! 

There’s a sequel THE EMPRESS, just released this fall!  Very excited to start it 😀

For fans of : Blade Runner, Cinder and cyborg, kick-ass motherf**ckers  in general 


23960775_10156151330022780_1204383390_oWhat do you think of this book? Did you read it ? Is it on your TBR? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!  🙂

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for giving me a free copy of this book to review! 

P.S: Got an intense migraine today and yesterday so I’m very sorry if I haven’t been blog hopping a lot hehe 🙂 Promised to do it real soon! ❤


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