Villains: Why I Love Them

I just noticed the other day how I always talk about the villains in a very exciting way in my reviews. That makes wonder, why do I love villains?! Why do WE love villains? Because admit it, they’re the the best of the worst.

  1. They Satisfy My Darkest Needs 

Okay hold on here. This sounds dirty but let me explain. The needs I’m talking about here is : power and control. The simple pleasure principle: to have what I want when I want it.  It’s what I called my most selfish desires . It’s pretty straightforward isn’t it? LOL But  I believe that’s in all our darkest compartment. Of course, we don’t act like that. We also have empathy and care for others.


  2.  The Moral Ambiguity 

This reason right here is where I decide whether a villain is well made or just not worth my time. The more moral ambiguity the villain has to face, the more I am attached to him/her. It shows us human behaviours are more complex than it seemed. That’s why I always love a good backstory of the villain! We can see how they end up this way and why they react like that in certain situations. In the end, to be honest every time I read about their backstory, I would probably behave like that too.


3. Excitation for the unknown 

I am very guilty!! This is the same reason why I’m attracted to fcked up stories, psychological thrillers as well. It’s always exciting to learn about new things right? And villains are the best at it. Their behaviours and mindset are so different from the norms that I can’t help but be fascinated, disgusted and feared by them.


4. Better and Smarter Villains = Better Heroes 

The more villainous, smart and mischievous a villain is, the more I’m impressed by the heroes. It’s that simple. That’s why I can never be amazed with DC comics’ villains in movies lately. Because I know the heroes are good but they didn’t impress me in any way since the villains were so dull. It doesn’t show the hero’s fullest potential.


5. Their aesthetic is cooler

Here. I said it. Everything just seems cooler and sexier with the villain’s aesthetic LOL. Dark, black, silver, red. Just the palette that I find powerful and entertaining. They always got the best line. Admit it, when you think about Star Wars, you root for Darth Vader and his music entrance 😉


Tell me are you rooting for villains too ? 😉 Who are your faves villains? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

I’m also sorry for the lack of book reviews lately but I will be back at them soon enough 😀 I just need a lot of time when writing them so I have to postpone it. Thank you! 


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