Cruel Prince by Holly Black : Seductively Wicked

cruelprincereviewHI GUYS!! Sorry for a big hiatus, had the busiest days of my life </3 and the most exhausting ones too, but I’m ready to be back with a new book review that I recently finished. I’ll go on some blog hopping these next few days 😀


Cruel Prince is Holly Black’s new book and it was amazing ! The only problem I have with this book is the pace. It started very slowly but it was necessary to build up the world of Faerie and the characters introduction so I can understand.  My reaction changes dramatically depending on different parts of the books.


The Prologue started very strong, with a murderous side to it. And I was like DAMNN THIS IS STARTING GOOD. We get introduced to Jude, the main character, a human who’s been taking under a Faerie Sergeant wings  along with her two sisters, Madoc, into the Faerie World. He’s like a dad to them. But then, the first 150 pages are all about the world building. It was a bit childish for me because it’s all about the teenagers and some drama at school with some guys bullying them. 


If you can survive the 150 pages, I promise you, the rest is SO WORTH IT. The pace picks up pretty quickly, with an action-packed dark and gory finale. Political conspirators, dethroning the King, sisters bond got challenged, a dad who turns out to be a bloody Faerie psychopath, and on top of that, our Jude is having one of the most unexpected role in this novel. Oh god !! My joy when I read that she’s not some stereotypical teenager who needs a /Prince to come rescue.


The main character’s development is amazing as well as some side characters ( although I just hated Taryn- Jude’s Twin Sister and Locke- Jude’s boyfriend). If you liked Adelina in The Young Elites, you will like Jude. They follow the same path and I just love when the main character turns to darkness. Becoming the antihero I’ve always dreamed (throwback to Why I Love Them Villains post ;). The back story is so well built that you can actually see yourself and becoming the antihero the author planned for Jude. You can see that Madoc (her adoptive father) has some bloody influence on her behaviours and her fall into darkness.

The ending …. makes me hate myself for reading this book too early T_T



Thank you to Hachette Canada for the ePub advance copy! (I  don’t own any Kindle so I had to read it on my phone hahah and this is probably my only epub read of the year) 

The book will be released on January 2, 2018 ! 



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