What The Hell Did I Just Read and Stephen King’s IT

The title of the post is also the title of the book by David Wong, the 3rd installment in John Dies At The end series. Honestly, he couldn’t pick a more fitting title.

Talking about wtf, I thought it would be also very appropriate to include my review for Stephen King’s IT in here as well.

So yeah that’s the plan for this post: Reviewing 2 horror book that screams WTF. 



  • One of the funniest novel I’ve read in 2017.  The humour is just so good and so random ! Borderline ridiculous too. Be prepare for some dildos and silicone butts mad into weapons.


  • The perfect blend of two opposite genres. It’s scary alright. But it’s also funny! I don’t know how we can mix two of the opposite genres like this. And IT WORKS. David Wong did it! It’s not just a one time line haha funny laugh in your head type of thing, IT’S A LMAO SITUATION WHERE YOU BURST OUT OF LAUGHTER FOR 30 MINUTES STRAIGHT. Yup. The whole book is like that. 
  • Okay so Trang, what’s the story about?  Try picture a drug junkie, a  super cynic guy and his geek girlfriend, forming a team against supernatural monsters. I’m not going to spoil you what kind of monster they’re dealing with. I can tell you one: IT’S A FCKN GOOD MONSTER. It goes beyond anything I’ve read so far. quote
  • It has some very deep messages. Not only about emotions or the meaning of life , but also about the world in general. How we perceive things and how we react to them. A very thoughtful novel. 
  • The only negative thing is,  there was 15-20 % of the book where it’s just filler gap and so I was kind of disappointed and not interested in what they have to say.

Overall : Quality entertainment at its best blend with very mature and thought provoking themes while delivering a Lovecraftian vibe and pure comedic touches. This book is a sequel but can be read as a standalone just fine. 

Thank you to St Martin’s Press for this copy 🙂 



Well well well, when this look lands in my bookmail, I NEVER REALIZED HOW BIG IT IS until I hold it in my hand. Man, the actual book IS SCARY. HELL I can use it as a weapon. hit2bwith2bphone2bbook

It’s as long as War and Peace by Tolstoy or Anna Karenina man. Then, what more can I say about this book? We all watched and loved the movie, right? But a book is just not the same experience as a movie. 

  • Is it scary? I don’t know. I can never got scared while reading “horror” books but if the movie scared you, expect to have the same scary elements in this novel. It all depends on your fears 😉 Sometimes, it’s just nasty and disgusting so don’t say I didn’t warn you ! 
  • The writing is clean, descriptive and very smooth. The book has 2 timelines and the narrative layers would make it very difficult to write for normal people but Stephen King knew how he was going to do it.
  • Like any good books, it has amazing cast of characters.  The whole novel is about the friendship, the bond the 7 kids have altogether. I believe it’s not all about the horror but its message is telling us, no matter where we are, no matter how outcast we feel, we are not alone. Even if some clown demon comes to eat people, as long as we are together, we are okay.  Their back story is even darker and more detailed than in the movie. Stephen King takes the innocent image we all have of children and twist it. He gave the power to young children where adults would often just neglect them or wave them off as “it’s all in your head”.
  • The only reason why this is not a 5 stars for me is the the third part and the pace. I just felt like Stephen King rushed that part in 14 minutes or less. Also, some parts of the book were just too long with unnecessary rambling.


Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for giving me the copy of this book 🙂 


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