Renegades by Marissa Meyer

First of all, very sorry for being absent these past 3 days ! I came back to WordPress and so many things happened, that in only 3 days I’ve missed so many posts of you guys  T_T I usually have time to write my post but this week has been so hectic, I come back at home at 9pm and just crush in my bed. Woke up at 6am and here it goes again. Go to work, studying for finals, writing assignments and be exhausted. That’s what you gotta do to keep that money in to pay for your next semester while being in University 😂 Okay enough of me rambling.

 Let’s dive into this long awaited YA novel by Marissa Meyer! 



  • We have a bunch of prodigies with super powers 
  • They are divided into 2 groups The Anarchists (the villains) and The Renegades (the heros aka the police enforcement helping the city) 
  • Main Character: Nova with a traumatizing past who’s been recruited by The Anarchists


THE CHARACTERS :  If I start reading a novel and I get attached to the character there’s a 50% that I will like the book already. They are one of main elements to a great plot in my opinion. In this novel, Marissa Meyer introduced us to a great diverse cast with a main protagonist, Nova, who’s mix Philippino! They all have distinct personalities and great backstory which is a great upgrade from Heartless 😂.  Their abilities also make them distinct and are a lot of fun to read. 

The author gives us hints of character’s development and we can see their real interests building up until the end. It’s a central element to build the suspense and keep the reader on edge. 

THERE’S A TRIAL AND A TOURNAMENT:  Which is pretty cool, I don’t know why but it’s one of those elements in YA novels that I always enjoyed. My little guilty pleasure 🙂 I guess when you think about it, it’s just fun and entertaining to imagine people with superpower go into duals. 


And surprisingly… the romance was not that bad! By the end of the book, they were not even an official couple, it wasn’t the main focus of the novel. I think the fact that a sequel is planned, the author didn’t want to spoil all the romance in the first book.


The villains and superheroes aspects : I don’t like how the author just rubs it in our face. THIS IS THE VILLAIN. THIS IS THE HERO. A good story do not need these obvious remarks. She could’ve just told the story mentioning The Renegades protecting the city and The Anarchists are the rebellion group fighting the Renegades’ oppression and we’ll get it. Villains and heroes are interchangeable when you shift the perspective. That’s where this story goes. I GET IT. You don’t need to say things like: 

“What exactly are we looking for?

Villains, doing villainous things.” 


The pace : It drags too much, sometimes I was thinking of not DNF-ed the novel because some parts were just plain boring. But then, the author manages to remind the reader that we need answers for these questions  so you have to stay until the end to know what will unfold. 

The copycat of XMEN story: I’m a huge X-Men fan and I can’t help but noticed too many similarities with the original story. Young people with abilities? A school/center where they fight to protect the city? Adding to that The Renegades vs The Anarchists are the certified copy of X-Men vs The Avengers or even X-Men vs The Brotherhood of Mutants. The theme of X-Men was always about a group of prodigies who struggle to find their places among humans. Therefore, they separated into two groups. One who would use their power for good and the other group who would use their power to fight the other group. Renegades follow the same storyline. Moreover, the Anarchist’s leader’s signature weapon is a …magnified helmet..HUMM?! Doesn’t it remind you of anything? 




Thank you US Macmillan for giving me this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review! 🙂 

Because it’s impossible for me to read this book without this song in my head LOL



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