Star Wars : The Last Jedi – Movie Review

I’ve recently stated my love for Star Wars, so I was really excited to see The Last Jedi when it comes out ! The divided fans reaction to the movie made me speechless !


I honestly don’t understand the hate behind this movie ?!

It’s not perfect but it was FRKN entertaining !  And even more, I was so happy to see more asian actresses being a part of this franchise. 


I loved Rose’s character. Finally a normal asian feature that is not what unrealistic asian models would look like.  Also, her knowledge and  how it gives Finn and her a storyline to work around while Rey has her own mission and the Resistance has to stall to buy time for Finn’s mission to work.


Everything was in place and even if I have some issues with the overall premise, I must admit that I was greatly impressed of how they managed to switch between the 3 storylines. It is a very hard task to do, to be able to maintain that many perspectives  and I always critique authors when they don’t do it appropriately. 

It’s action-packed, the  war rages on and we can feel the Resistance weakens. The theme of this movie is clear, it’s not about making a grand coup d’etat anymore, it’s about surviving and protecting the ones you love, now that The Resistance is reduced nothing they just have each other.  


The sexiest Star Wars movie yet.

The design and aesthetic for this movie was AMAZING. From the sleek red and black design in Dark Force to the Red Salt scene on the planet Crait, everything was visually stunning. 


I’m soo soo happyyy that they finally realize the stupidity of the mistakes behind every Jedi Master : to not frkn interfere of their student’s fate whenever they “feel” or is “afraid of their future”. All of the Star Wars movie tell us one thing: the very act of the person who’s seen the future make that future real.  


I’m removing a whole star for one specific reason: the resolution. Like wtf that ending ?! In the movie, Kylo Ren has some internal conflicts and he keeps saying how he was ready to let go of the past. And he was alright. But what was the point of making Rey and Kylo still enemies in the end if it was clear that a new order must be in place?!


I was hoping for 1. Rey would actually join him and end this stupid Jedi/Sith separation once and for all. Because now it just looks like the plot is repeating itself. 2. Kylo would be a smarter and more strategic Emperor. Side note to Kylo Ren : Please go read The Art of War. 

What do you think of the movie? Would go watch it ? 🙂 Share your thoughts in the comments !

See you guys later !

Big thank you to Cinema Montreal for giving me the opportunity to see this movie in exchange for an honest review 


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  • Trang, don’t take this the wrong way but do you realize just how deep the divide between Sith and Jedi is? It goes even deeper than the difference between Communism and Capitalism. It would be like me and Vladimir Putin burying the axe and creating a society for everyone else.

    Now, if that is the direction Disney takes the franchise, well, it actually wouldn’t surprise me with all their other moves 🙂

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    • Yeah I realize it but do you also realize theres no real Sith anymore ? 😂 Kylo Ren ‘s speech and hesitation in everything just proves that there’s good in him. What’s left is two people too lost with their powers with no real Jedi nor Sith with them !

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    • But one of the things about the Force they establish in the series is that there is good and bad in every trainee. In The Force Awakens, Kylo talks about having to resist the lure of the light side of the Force, which is one of the most interesting things about his character.

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  • Well….I have to admit that I am one of the haters of this film. I have been a huge Star Wars fan all my life (as you know lol), but this movie really disappointed me in so many ways. I wrote my review for it earlier today, and it has been the most negative and quite frankly most heartbreaking review that I have ever written on my blog.
    I’m still glad to read you really enjoyed the film though. This movie certainly has split the fan community into two directions, but I’m not one that doesn’t respect other people’s opinions or enjoyment of a film. For me it did not work alas. But I still really enjoyed your review for it. I do agree by the way with the character of Rose. I really don’t understand why she got so much hate. I really liked her and honestly hope that we will get to learn more about her in the future 😊

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    • Oh noo I’m sorry you didn’t like it Michel! It did split the fans in half after all LOL That’s also like a lot of books out there. Also, I guess because in my opinion the first star wars movies are less impressive in terms of visuals and effects and since I was growing up in this tech world . I was hooked in the Star Wars world thanks to mostly The Empire Strikes Back, The Clone Wars (cartoon series I know I know HAHA but I really love it because Anakin wasm uch more convincing as a cartoon than the real actor) and the backstory of The Old Republic. The world building around the origins of The Sith and the Jedi. So when this one decides to not only break the frontier of Sith and Jedi, it just destroyed them so I would totally understand why this one might be disappointing for a lot of fans !

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      • I LOVE the Clone Wars cartoons as well, they were just awesome. I even highly enjoyed the rebels cartoon which was also very awesome. But exactly as you say this movie has really split up the fans. Some people really enjoyed it, but there is also a lot of hate for it 😢
        But true that’s one of the main reasons I really didn’t like it. It seems the film just ignored almost 40 years of Star Wars lore and that’s just a bit too much for me. But as I said a movie will always be personal, so I am also glad there are quite a number of people that did enjoy the film. 😊


      • We “Star Trek” fans have the same problem. What is canon? What is not? Why didn’t the movies or TV shows use this from the novels? Oh, cool, that detail is from the novels. Etc Etc.


  • Saw the movie too… While I’ll admit that it was a fun movie, great for families, I did not like it overall hahaha I’d consider it one of the worse Star Wars movies to be honest. 😦 I’m glad you enjoyed it though! 😉

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  • One of the only things that bothered me about the Rose and Finn’s storyline is that it goes nowhere. I wish they would have made Rose the hacker to bypass visiting the casino city place.
    Overall it was a fun movie, but I think it strays too far from established Star Wars tradition hence all the negative reactions. Can’t please them all I guess! Great review 🙂


  • It took me a couple of days to decide how i feel about the movie, but overall I really like it. All of the Luke/Rey stuff is brilliantly done, and Mark Hammil’s performance in particular is incredible. Poe’s on character arc is very well told. Finn and Rose each go through a good character arc as well. My biggest complaint about the movie is the casino side-quest they go on. It’s too long for something that barely contributes to the main story in the long run (although the themes touched on with war profiteering could make for a great subject in one of the animated TV shows or an anthology movie). And personally I really liked the ending.

    I’d need to see it at least a couple times to be sure, but I feel like it’s the best Star Wars movie since Empire (and the only Disney era movie I’d rank above Return of the Jedi). It’s not perfect, but it’s got a lot of strengths, and it’s the most thematically challenging movie in the franchise in decades.


  • Man!!! You loved it and Michel hated it so now I am going to have to watch it to see for myself! I’m going to have to be honest though since Disney started having their hands in Star Wars I haven’t been that pleased! I love the original stuff like I know so many people disliked it but I LOVED Return of the Jedi! Fantastic Review my blogger babe crush! You always know how to catch your readers’ attention! 😍 I am glad you got some time to go see the movie and haven’t been working too hard!😍 Sending you lots of love because you are the Best!!!!!!🙌🙌🙌💝💖💜💙💛💙💚😍😍😍


  • Excellent review Trang! I saw the movie this weekend and I really liked it. They could have ended it better, but I think that was strategic… they want to make more movies right? 😂


  • I skimmed your review a bit for that one, Trang, since I haven’t seen it yet – probably will…but not before next week. I’m SO happy you enjoyed it, though, I feel like so many people hated it and it made me nervous, ahah. You make me feel better 😛


  • Ahhh I watched this movie and I didn’t love it as much?? Ok yeah I wasn’t bored or felt like I wasted my time so asgajaj I have mixed feelings?? I loveee Rose but I think they wasted so much potential with her. Also that akward kiss between her and Finn at the end?? Umm…nooo…But other then that I LOVEEED her she was the perfect mix between soft and caring and smart and rebellious!! It still was sooo entertaining and I don’t get the “hate” either. You have to tell me ypur ships seriously!!

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  • Great review for this film Trang, and I’m so glad you enjoyed The Last Jedi as well! I went to the midnight showing of this with my friend and loved it. The scene with the red salt was so visually stunning, and oh at the end I totally though Kylo Ren was going to join the light side, that was a major twist for me when it turned out he didn’t. 🙂 But I agree he really needs to read The Art of War sometime. He could really use that book! 😀
    Again great review! 😀 ❤


  • Finally saw the movie this morning. I liked it more than I thought I would. There were plot holes and flaws – as there have been in all the Star Wars films (including the classic first three) but I was able to put them in the background against the action sequences. The look of the film was spectacular – loved the use of color. I understand the criticism, but all in all, this one was more enjoyable that any of the newer films, except Rogue One.

    Nice review, thanks for sharing.


  • Okay I’m excited for this again after reading your review 😉 To be honest, I’ve been hearing mixed things as well from fans and that’s made me a tad nervous. But after what you said about it being aesthetically pleasing and fun entertainment, I’m back on board again 😉 Plus, though I didn’t take a peak because I want to go in fresh, I want to know what the controversy with the ending/direction it took is. Great review!!


  • The way Rose and Fynn met and learned to work together was pretty awesome, too. I liked how the writers used lots of Star Wars conventions to surprise us instead of comfort us like in Force Awakens.


  • If Kylo Ren read the Art of War though, Gleeson would be out of a job, as General Hux would no longer be required. That would be a great shame indeed.
    However, as a writer myself I do agree Kylo Ren needs to let go of the past like he tells Rey to do so. Then he truly would be the heir of Vader and then we might have a proper villain within Star Wars again.


  • Far too much exposition in this film to me. So any things explained in detail. Star Wars began with simple story-telling, and they left some things a mystery. This film was intent on telling us exactly what we were watching at any given moment. If I wanted that, I would bring an annoying friend with me.


  • Great review! I’m with you, I think some of the hate behind the movie was unnecessary. As you stated, the visuals and aesthetics were amazing! I have to agree the ending was a little bit of a let down. Check out our review of the film and many others!

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  • Love this review. Nice to read someone who knows what they are talking about. I loved the Irish photography and thought the Island were the best scenes. I think her heritage is a problem I know whst they were trying say, you don’t need to be part of the establishment to change things, but the script was poor.

    I did a little review of 10 films which may help photographers

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