Flame In The Mist : IT’S LIT ALRIGHT


You know how surprising is it for me to write this review? I didn’t like The Wrath and The Dawn  . I still can’t believe this is the book written by the same author. I was closing the book back and forth while reading to check if it was really her name on the cover because I was so shocked LOL. IT’S AMAZING!

 «finding one’s match was like finding one’s other half. Mariko had never understood the notion.
She was not a half. She was wholly her own.» 


Premise in 5 seconds :  Some samurai Clans enter in conflict with the Emperor future plans. Betrayal, murders and sabotage. Families get destroyed and it’s the turn of the samurai children to take on the responsibilities. 


The setting: Japan. A beautiful world building with an imperial city, a forbidden neighbourhood, pleasure house, a mysterious forest. It’s so simple and the details are not overly described, it was enough to form a picture in my head. It doesn’t feel heavy, we discover the surroundings with each character plot. I am asian and I LOVE learning about this culture (not like I’m already super obsessed with Japanese culture in general). 



The characters. They are driven, independent, smart, have their own weakness but seem real and relatable. For the first time, I’m so happy that an author address the different types of strengths concept. For example, the main character is Mariko, she has the strength of the mind. That means, while she completely has no clue about how to attack her opponents with a sword she uses what she has : her mind. 


The side characters are very well developed. I appreciate the fact that the author gave space to more stories to each of them because it has room for more interesting plot. If you like the dynamic of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, you’ll love this one.Imagine a squad of outlaws but… made of honours, art of katanas and samurai. 


Fast paced and full packed action, you won’t be bored reading this novel (well at least I wasn’t bored hehe). The chapters offer up to 3 POVS and I must admit: while I tend to hate several POVS but in this case, it works very well. The beginning starts with a bang, a tragic and very disturbing introduction. Then, you will yourself submerged in a whole new world, a whole new period of time and soon enough you become attached to the characters.


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Big thank you to Del Rey from Penguin Random House Canada for a copy of this book! 


A special THANK YOU to all of you for all your messages: kindly reminding me not to worry about my blogging’s presence. My month just keeps getting busier ! T_T It’s my last semester before graduating University so I have to finish it in beauty you know. But I’m happy to see that a lot of people understand this inconvenient. I would also take advantage to announce that I will likely post my reviews at the end of the week (for example Saturday) and the very beginning of the week (Monday) from now on so you guys are going to see less of me everyday during the week, only once or twice a week. Hope that’s okay for you ❤ !!


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