The Millennials Prejudice

*bad words will be used*

Today, I’m bringing you a new kind of post. We will not talk about books here but since I have a voice and blog platform to do so, I will take this opportunity to express something that’s been bothering A LOT. The Millennial Prejudice. For those of you who don’t know what a Millennial is, it’s a term designing the people of were born between 1977 and 1994 (around that because NO ONE KNOWS where that term frkn come from).  Not only this happens in my everyday life but I’ve seen A LOT of bloggers making remarks about this issue as well.

In order to continue stating my points, I will put you guys in context.As you guys know, our blog attracts all kind of people because we are two co-bloggers and we cover different genres. Our followers can range from 13 years old to even 78-80  years old (this to my knowledge so maybe even older people that I don’t know about). As a blog who likes to  promote a culture where you can be open minded, it pains me to see older people shitting on millennials. There. I say it. 

This kind of mindset is toxic and completely judgemental. quote We need to change the conversation and stop this non-sense.


Here are the 2 most popular comments that have been said TO ME to target “my” generation. (Put in quotes because I’ve asked older adults to tell me what is a Millennial. Results?  NOBODY could tell me exactly WHEN a Millennial was born. It only differs from one reference to another #ironic right. Oh hello misconception 101.

  1. Millennials are lazy and don’t work. They think money fall from the sky. 


    Well well well… Isn’t it ironic that all of my friends work AT LEAST a 15 hour shift WHILE going to school and study undergraduate? Is it a coincidence that I’ve been working since I was 16 years old non-stop? So before you critic US, please think about all the hardworking students out there who struggle with families problems, mental health, the loss of a close one, school and pressure of work. The young adults are pressured more than ever to know the value of money. Why? Times have changed people. Before, you can graduate with a Bachelor, be an engineer and have a decent job. Now, you graduate with a Bachelor and what? No job, because the job market is full already. Especially in Montreal, we are an academic city with more than 4 universities. Imagine all those students graduating and looking for jobs and get told “sorry, we are saturated in staff”. Don’t fucking tell me “oh because they graduate Art Bachelor“. Shut Up. I know physiotherapy, ergotherapy, pharmacy students who are graduating and still can’t find work because… they don’t have places anywhere in the market.

  2. Millennials are self-absorbed narcissists because of social media like Instagram.

    One word: technology. If you can’t cope and understand the evolution of technology, I seriously don’t know what to tell you. My reality? The amount of older people who learn how to take a selfie and post them pictures on Facebook > than young adults who post them. When a new technology is introduced to our every day lives, we take advantage of it and we USE IT. Like blogging, you can now write your posts via WordPress Platform because the technology allows you to. So why stop these people from taking selfies and enjoying life? People who think only Millennials take selfies is because they have only seen ONE side of the medal. They might not follow older people accounts or friend them on Facebook to know that there are people from every generation taking selfies and use social media. And self-absorbed narcissists? I’ve seen young adults who now start daily projects by saving the environment, inventing new gadgets to help the ocean and reduce the pollution. Caring for important issues is not a “one generational problem” it’s Everybody’s problem.



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  • Love it! I wasn’t doing anything at work about a month ago, there are 3 days a month where we can’t process anything but I still have to come to work and basically do nothing for 3 days, it’s stupid. But anyway, I was reading a book that I’m editing for a different job at my desk and my boss came over and said something along the lines of “Oh Millennials always being lazy” and I looked up and her and said in my most serious voice “I have three jobs.” I don’t know a single person my age that doesn’t have at least 2 jobs and a ton of side projects.

    Like I only look like I’m being lazy because I’m forced to come in and sit at a desk and do nothing while corporate runs monthly reports.

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  • Comments about millennials are beyond annoying and untrue. Most people my age and around it are super hard-working and honest, intelligent people that are very knowledgeable. I think every generation contains lazy, narcissistic people. But the older people are very quick to judge and point fingers, creating issues where there aren’t any.

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  • I’m not a millennial, but I appreciate and understand your insights. It’s not fair for people to judge, and think that *all* people in a certain age group *all* behave in the same way. That’s ageism!! Every generation has a range of lazy, self-absorbed people and every generation has kind, smart, respectful, hard working people. Just because someone is older doesn’t mean that they are superior. We are all learning every day, no matter our age.


  • PREACH!!!! This entire post is golden! I started working when I was 15 and I have my Bachelors Degree now and am still looking for a job. Good on you for doing this post! It definitely was spot on for me ❤

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  • Peach👏👏👏👏 I have been through this and told I was lazy because my generation! I have been on my working since I was 15!!!!😒 I had no choice to even finish high school! I got my GED with perfect grades and got my n associates. I worked 90 hours a week as a manager plus did online classes and took care PhD three children! Also you see that people say Millennials have children too young and are lazy using up government benefits?!😒 Let me stop that right there! I had my daughter at 19 because of rape and the ‘benefits’ these elderly people say we are living off there pay! Well I don’t really calling it living that great off your ‘pay/work’ when a disabled mother of 3 can’t pay for medications to keep on going for her children! I agree with you all the way sista! If you haven’t lived someone’s life then you need to stop right there.
    Fantastic Post, Trang! Sorry about my rant as well!😢


  • Those are pretty offensive statements, millenials directed or not. Just plain rude and untrue. Every generation is always s***t on at one time or another. No excuse of course. Good post to set the record straight. Someone has to, right?


  • I 100% agree with everything you have just said. I absolutely hate that they say we are lazy, when I know most of us either go to uni, work or do both (and then sometimes an extra job on top of that). And you know the biggest reason why I left facebook was not because of millennials, but because of older people. I found most of them to be negative and yes, they tend to post ALOT of selfies. This is such a great post!!!!


  • hehe yes!! Honestly, I’m kind of tired of the generalisations about millennials anyway- cos how many times do we all have to hear “millennials are all “x”, they all think “x””- seems a bit of a stretch 😉 (especially since it’s supposed to be across cultures/countries) And yes, it’s similar in the UK- you have to work through school and uni, because you need experience to get a job, but you’ve got to take said experience (low paid work) off your CV cos it’s not relevant… and then you’ve apparently got no work experience- gah. As if young people aren’t increasingly more stressed out than ever, they need to be told they’re inherently lazy too. And again, people of all age groups use selfies and technology… and some people don’t.


  • Ugh, FINALLY someone says it! I first I actually thought these people had some credit in saying some of the things they did because I mean, they have more experience and you should respect your elders, etc etc. – THAT was what I was taught growing up and I always tried to give them a chance before. But nowadays my patience has run out. I am fed up with the amount of disrespect we younger generations are subjected to for no reason other than prejudice. Plain and simple. Older generations had it EASY. At 20 years old, you could get married, buy a house, have a family, a stable job and not worry about your retirement. You had life set for you. College fees? Yeah, they were a joke. It’s true that they had to face many hardships too but we have them nowadays on top of everything else!
    I’m sick of being seeing as “privileged” for having a roof over my hand, food on the table and a paycheck every month. How is that any less than what a human being deserves? How can something be looked down upon for aspiring to be more? It’s disgusting. We shouldn’t have to be content with what we have just because others have it worse. Guess what, there will always be someone having it better and worse than you. If someone’s self-entitled in this world, it’s the elders (some, not all – again, I’m trying not to generalize here). Just like there are tons of millennial slackers. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t work our butts off to be granted a future that most people were given to almost on a silver platter. And guess who ruined economy for us too? Yup.
    Sigh. Sorry about the rant xD But it really pisses me off when I hear people talking smack and knowing nothing about our lives -_-


  • Preach! It is just another form or labeling and stereotyping. All of which is not only unhealthy, but uneducated. I lose instant respect or desire to continie conversing with someone when they make statements such as these. No one.. and I mean NO ONE is defined by a number or anything else aside from their own actions 💕


  • I agree with a lot of what you’ve said here. I think we face very different problems to the generation before us. Like you said, you basically HAVE to get a degree now to get a good job, but then everyone has a degree so there are no jobs???? We’re kind of the first generation where a LOT of us are going to university. In the generation before us, only the rich and the really smart people went to university, so it was seen as almost the easy option because those people didn’t have to go out and find jobs from the age of 16, and when they left university, good jobs were just given to them because they were in the minority of people with degrees.

    To be fair though, it’s definitely not the case for everyone, but the idea that millennials are lazy and privileged is actually pretty accurate. The majority of students I’ve met are just self-absorbed and live off their parents money, and get drunk or high and don’t care about anything but themselves. But then I’ve also met some amazing people who work really hard and are really kind and help other people, so we’re not all bad! 😉


  • This is fantastic – thank you for putting it out there. I’ve heard both of these, every variation on them, and then some, especially as a millennial small business owner. And then, after we’ve been forced to sit and listen to how we’re basically the enemy to modern society, we’re admonished for not respecting our elders. It’s harder than it’s been in a long time to get a good, stable career and family situation, because the older generations have destroyed the market for us, but apparently it’s our own fault we can’t get a job in our field. Whatever. They’ll all be too old to work soon enough, and then we won’t need to worry about it, and we can make it better for future generations.


  • Sooooo true. My dad likes to say do you know what your generation is doing….. when describing something dumb like the tide challenge thing….Also I’m 26 I have very little in common with a teenager haha. In general everything in this post needed to be said, I get a little tired of hearing how lazy we are, when I owned my house younger than my parents, and I did it by saving and I never went out and partied, and then I am described as boring… I’m pretty sure I am just responsible. Ugh the rantiness is contagious. But overall great post!!


  • Whooo! I love this post so much. I get SO freaking sick of people trash talking millennials all the time like we are the reason the world is the way it is now. I think the thing that irritates me the most is that I don’t believe that the people doing the most shit talking realize that we are not teenagers. The youngest of our generation is graduating from college and moving into the work force. Not even that, but we have serious social, financial, and global problems that we as the upcoming generation are going to be facing, and a lot of those problems were either created or exacerbated by the generations that like to trash talk us so much. Granted, there are some lazy 20-somethings out there, but that’s not a symptom of our entire generation. Plus these same people are the one’s who raised us for the most part, so who’s really to blame here?


  • Right there with you! I I changed a lot of what I thought about millennials after doing a specific blog on them on my blog frolicking to 50. My post was called millennial mayhem and As part of a group of tax I set for myself before 50 I
    interviewed a millennial.


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