Then She Was Gone

I had the chance to read Girls In The Garden by Lisa Jewell a year ago and I really enjoyed it. I greatly appreciate how she blends the suspense with the everyday lives situations. It seems ordinary and simple but our everyday lives are much more complicated than we think .

So I was very excited to read this new book of hers !! Let’s see if it’s a hit or miss 😉

The story follows Laurel Mack, a mother whose daughter went missing 10 years ago. Mystery starts to unravel along with the people she meets and starts to make acquaintance.

Trang’s Verdict? I LOVED IT. I am not a big fan of contemporary psychological thrillers. That’s why when I actually find one good book, it’s a miracle!

I feel like Lisa Jewell wanted to try a darker, more disturbing plot and it worked very well with her usual writing style. You can probably guess the plot twist if you have read like tons of thrillers in your life LOL because let’s be honest, it’s kind of hard to be original nowadays with every thriller having the same concept and storyline.

Character wise, Laurel is a very “cold” main character. I couldn’t relate to her as much but it’s understandable within the context of the story. She went through some terrible things in her life and she must survive to find her daughter.

However unlike the other contemporary thrillers, the journey of the reader to the revelation is fun and entertaining and I think that’s the whole point of a good novel. It makes me want to finish the book to see if my guesses were right and my questions answered.

Did you read other books by Lisa Jewell? What do you think of psychological thrillers nowadays? 😉

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for inviting me into the blog tour :)!

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  1. So far the only book of hers I’ve read is The Girls in the Garden and I really liked it! I’m a big fan of psychological thrillers so this sounds right up my alley. Would you say you liked this one more or less than The Girls in the Garden?


  2. Shealea says:

    What a great review! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts. 🌻🌻🌻


  3. How nice that this book is slightly different from other thrillers? I agree with you. I would love to read a book that keeps me guessing. I would want to know if I guessed the climax right


  4. Abby says:

    I’m so glad that you reviewed this book because I have my eye on it. I enjoyed I Found You, and wondered if this book is as good. It sounds like it is! Great review, Trang, and your pictures are gorgeous! Love that book cover too.


  5. Diana says:

    Great review. I read this one a while back and can hardly remember the story but I do remember that I enjoyed it. My favorite book by Jewell is I Found You. Great review!


  6. Glad you enjoyed. I loved it and have read quite a few of her books and she her writing has definitely got darker. The Third Wife, The House We Grew Up In and The Truth About Melody Brown are really good as well.


  7. I love the cover! It’s rare for a thriller to look so pretty!

    This sounds really intriguing. I am totally with you on the not reading many contemporary thrillers thing. It’s so hard to find a good one but SO worth it when you do. There’s an author called Sophie Hannah who writes some of the most tense, most convoluted thrillers out there and I LOVE them. I think she kind of spoiled me for all other thriller writers.


  8. Great review! I’ve had this on TBR, but not sure if I just actually read it.


  9. Ashley Rae says:

    I just bought this book… Now I’m even more glad I did 😍


  10. High praise from you Trang.


  11. I really enjoyed this book, too! I’ve only read a few Lisa Jewell books so far, but every one just keeps getting better.


  12. I have not read Lisa Jewell or many contemporary crime thrillers that I can think of? But this sounds like an ideal starting point and perhaps a nice change of pace, as I am currently feeling a slump coming on. Fab review ❤


  13. mrshible says:

    Great review sounds like a great read I will look out for it I haven’t read one of her novels before x


  14. Great review Trang! It’s great to hear about thrillers you enjoy. ♥️


  15. This isn’t really my kind of read, but I love reading your review! It sounds like you really enjoyed this book. What is your favorite thriller? Perhaps I should try picking them up again…


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