Bookish Pet Peeves

I think we can all agree here that we lovee reading. But I don’t know about you guys but I have a few of bookish annoyances on the way.

Movie Tie-In Covers

I mean who even had the brilliant idea of creating those WEIRD MOVIE COVERS?! I can’t even think of one good movie tie-in one. Can not.

Changing Book Covers In The Middle of The Series 


Young Adult Movie Adaptations 

Movies adaptations contributed A LOT to the bad image of YA literature and that frustrates me soo much. Because I mean come on, who would want to read a book when the movie is bad af and represent a childish way? And then you try to convince people like: NO GUYS IT’S TOTALLY DIFFERENT AND MUCH MORE MATURE T-T

People Judging Your Books 

First of all, get out of here.

Bad Endings 

When 90% of the book is super good and the ending just ruined it all.

Goodreads Ratings 

Ain’t nobody talking about how GOODREADS RATING ARE BIASED AF?! Some ratings are here even before people ever read the book, like how can you let that through..

The next book previews in the end of the book 

I NEVER READ THAT SH**T. I don’t want to. It’s confusing me because when I think there are 100 pages left to the story I’m all hyped up to discover what’s missing and then THE STORY FRKN ENDS 2 PAGES LATER.

Any of other bookish pet peeves you can think of ? 😀 Let me know in the comments below!


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  • YES and YES and YES again! Especially your first 2 points are driving me mad! I don’t want stupid movie/TV-Show scenes on my pretty books. The only reason I haven’t bought ‘Under the Dome’ by Stephen King yet is that my bookstore only has the version picturing an old concerned old man looking up at the sky. I don’t want that on my shelf! Sorry, old man…

    Changing the cover-style or the format of the book in the middle if the series is just effing cruel and should be forbidden.

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  • What really annoy me is when filmmakers take creative liberties to the extreme and wreak everything. I read half of Last of the Mohicans (not my favorite book, but Cooper wasn’t famous for his “fantastic” literary abilities), but in the movie (haven’t seen yet, but if I do it will probably make me furious) they literally swap the names of the two female characters. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS? Like seriously. Anyways that’s a bookish pet peeve.

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  • Yes to all of this!!! I have written an entire post about bad endings because I find it so frustrating! I can not tell you how many amazing books have been ruined because of terrible endings!

    The Goodreads rating one really bothers me! I have seen people give reviews to books that the author hasn’t even finished writing yet!!

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  • YES to every one of these!! Also I am currently reading a book and I flipped to the end to see how many pages I had left and realized it was the first few pages of the next book. Now I don’t know how they will end it with so few pages left UGH. No one reads them, because by the time I read the next one I won’t remember that stuff.


  • Omg yes! I can’t stand movie poster book covers. It’s so rare for movie posters these days to be actually well designed. What about books that weigh 40 lbs?? Nothing makes my first world problems gland sore than lugging around a giant book on the train.


  • I definitely agree with the book cover ones and people giving star ratings to books on Good Reads before reading them! That one really angers me. I won’t even rate a book 1 star if I DNF it because I don’t feel it would be fair to rate it when I didn’t finish it.


  • The last one gets me every time! It’s not just previews at the end of the book that throw me off though—sometimes there’s those twenty page literature discussion thingys or a loooong acknowledgement section 😩.


  • Adding to the movie points I hate it when directors/producers change the ending of a book in the film! Especially when the ending in the book was brilliant in the first place!


  • Amen on the next book previews! Seriously! I had it with an ARC a little while back on my Kindle; I had about half an hour of reading time left when I had to stop reading at work [yay for reading during breaks]. So when I got home, I completely installed myself on my couch with my Kindle, blanket, drink and then.. like.. one page later: THE END. And a preview of idon’tevenwanttoknowhowmanychapters of the next book followed. I didn’t even read it, I was so mad. <.<


  • I LOVE THIS post haha I have the same pet peeves haha. I am not a fan of movie tie-ins either, and I HATE it when they change the covers mid-series, they just don’t match and I am nottttt a fan of that. Also, I so agree on the movie adaptations, sometimes they end up being kind of childish and just, not getting the book vibe at all or anything, and they prevent people from getting the book and it makes me reallyyy mad.
    Lovely post!! 🙂


  • I get what you mean about movie tie-in covers, I’m not a massive fan of them but I do understand how they can bring more readers to the books you know?
    Also yes to cover changes halfway through the series. There is nothing more annoying because you either have to live with miss-matching covers or buy the series all over again!
    Great post Trang. 🙂 ❤


  • HAHAHA, now I do not feel so bad about not reading those previews inserted at the end of so many of the fantasy books I have. I do not want sneak peaks 😛 I am either ready to start the book or have to wait. Agree with all of these except I know next to nothing about the YA movie adaptation seen ❤


  • omg the movie tie-in covers though. NONONONONONO, especially as the movies, are usually always terrible when compared to the books so they ruin the book with the movie image AS WELL.

    The thing with unexpected book endings always KILLS ME as well. I’m always sitting there fully expecting another 100 pages or so like you said, them BAM the book ends and it’s actually just some other stuff in the back. For some reason whenever that happens to me it always makes the ending super underwhelming.


  • I think there are 100 pages left to the story I’m all hyped up to discover what’s missing and then…. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. Especially when you’re heart is sooo into the story and you settle in for those last 70+ pages…. Ugh!!!


  • I’m with you on the first two, especially those move tie-in covers. Hate them!!
    I actually don’t mind Goodreads ratings. I ignore all the weird ones that shows that the person obviously didn’t read the book.


  • I can’t think of any more!! It’s all here!!! MOVIE TIE-IN COVERS IS SUCH A NO FOR ME. I CAN’T STAND THEM. And the next book previews at the end of the book, I’ve encountered a LOT of books with that!!! I scream and pull my hair every time!


  • Trang! You got this list SO right! So, so, so, so right! And the previews? yeah.. not only are they adding more pain to the fact you have to wait for the next book BUT sometimes, for me, they also muddle my brain and I think the preview was part of the book and my review thoughts just go- zonk! 😀


  • Ugh yeah, those movie tie-in covers are the worst. I only have one movie tie-in cover for one of my book, and it’s The Reader by Bernhard Schlink, and I tolerate that because at least the movie tie in cover is not tacky.


  • I hate when they change the covers halfway through the series! Especially A Reaper at the Gates. So excited for it, but the cover is different than the first two:(


  • Preach at me sister! PREACH AT ME! I am with you all the way on this list. The thing which irks me the most are those terrible movie/TV adaption covers. Ew. I also HATE it when I find people who have dog-eared pages or written notes in LIBRARY BOOKS. Damage your own work, son!


  • YES to all of these. There is no part of me that can see a good reason to change book covers mid series! It is the most maddening thing. Ditto movie tie-in covers – with one exception. In the UK when Sherlock came out they released some really nice Sherlock Holmes covers and not just cause Benedict was on them. The design was actually good.


  • I HATE MOVIE TIE IN COVER!! I get it. They made a movie. WE ALL KNOW THAT!! You don’t need to ruin my beautiful cover by putting a bunch of actors on it, and for those who HAVEN’T read it yet you’ve just totally ruined any chance they would have of picturing their own version of these characters! And biased Goodreads ratings?? Don’t even get me started. It drives me NUTS when a book is coming out and it already has 30 5 star ratings and it’s just people saying “I’m SOOO excited for this book!” we get it. You’re excited. But, YOU HAVEN’T READ IT!! Thanks for letting me vent! Lol! 😅💖💖


  • Yes to all of this! I also hate when book stores put those stickers on the front or back of the books they’re selling that just will not come off without damaging the cover. It drives me nuts. >_<


  • Oh yeah I can’t stand the movie tie-in covers!! Or the sudden cover change! And people judging reader’s choices is just the worst. Oh you’re so right about GR ratings!! Some books will just get a million 5 stars before it’s even out and just- WHY?! And yes- why do people put in a preview for the next book?! Especially if it’s not gonna be out for years!!


  • Another problem with YA movie adaptations is they rarely pick the good ones. Harry Potter being one of the few exceptions of a popular franchise, and also one of the few YA adaptations done well.

    Can’t say I’ve personally encountered changing the cover design in the middle of the series, but I agree. A little consistency would be nice. It’s fine if you change all the cover designs for boxed sets or re-releases, as long as you can still get the entire series with similar looks on the covers.


  • The film tie-in covers are perhaps one of the worst ideas people have had and the fact that it went on to become a reality makes it even worse. And yes, the YA fandom is so wrongly depicted in the films based on YA books that most times I am just cringing while looking at the screen.


  • YES. I despise movie covers on my books. Especially when their movie versions look nothing like the book description.

    I’ve been drifting away from GoodReads for this exact reason. The most recent example that pissed me off is “The President Is Missing” by James Patterson and Bill Clinton. It just came out this week, but people were giving the book one star over a year ago because they don’t like Hilary. WTF does she have to do with the book?!?


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