How To Get More Reading Done While Traveling

I decided super last minute that I would make my own Europe Tour (I’m from Canada)! I hesitated a lot on taking this trip but then I realized I should live my life to the fullest! I gathered enough money, this is the age where I have the most energy so why not 😀 Hello, traveling alone time !

Here I am, traveling 3 countries in a week!

And of course, who says, traveling, says, READING!! 😍😍❤️

During my first trip, I brought waay too many books for a months and I couldn’t finish it. Now in a week, I told myself I may only finish 1-2 books at most. So I brought 3 LOL JUST IN CASE I finish too fast, you know…


This is an important question because I did struggle a lot to find time to read in my 10 years of traveling.But I gathered a few tips :

1. Bring e-books

I don’t own e-book readers yet but my phone’s screen is big enough to enjoy them. They are actually the perfect company because they don’t weight anything.

2. Back-up paperback copy

In case your phone/ e-reader dies OK 😂

3. The waiting time right after the security check-in. It’s perfect! People always tell me about the 3hours rule before flying. BUT HONESTLY, I’ve always been so frkn early every time. I can wait up to 1-2hours before boarding so that’s a good time to take out your book!

4. If you can travel by trains, go ahead! It’s a great way to see the views between the cities and a wonderful time to read. Especially when they have a sightseeing lounge, you should take advantage of that and read in front of a calm and peaceful sight.

5. The breaks between your city tours. If you like to wander around the visited cities like I do,you probably have noticed that it gets tiring after a few hours and you want to collect yourself in some nearby coffee shops. This is where I would order a peach iced tea or iced chocolate and open a book! It relaxes me and when I’m feeling reenergized, I continue the wandering 🙂

I am now in Athens! I promise I would do a whole post about my travels soon 😀 I will also be attending BookCon New York this weekend ! Keep an eye about that 😉

-Trang Tran

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  1. booksofb says:

    I travel a great deal for work – once a week on average – and I’ve never been on to work on the flight. It’s too cramped and there’s no privacy. As a result, it’s become prime reading time for me. Combine the flight time with that time after any business dinners and I’m often able to finish the better part of a book every trip. It’s one of my best times to read. Cheers, Brian

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  2. How fun for you! Love that you decided to just go ❤ I always plan to read during trips but fail. Although I agree about train rides. I think once the kids are fully grown, I may be more successful 😉


  3. Valerie says:

    I’ve always been a little nervous (self-conscious lol) traveling by myself because what do I do with myself when I’m alone? Luckily I have a couple friends that are willing to put up with me, but it’s always super cool to plan a whole trip by yourself and then actually go on it!


  4. I always think, “Yay, vacation! I can get more reading done now!” but it almost never happens! 😀

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    1. OlaG says:

      I do exactly the same 😉


  5. Number 1 and 2 is the most important. 😀 Enjoy your trip!


  6. Have fun for your trip. I always carry e books while traveling. That makes them so much easier to carry around and also gives me license to buy more on my trip. Haha. Have fun. Looking forward to see the travel posts.


  7. Tammy says:

    I rarely get any reading done on vacation, but I’m sure it’s easier when you’re along:-) Have fun at Book Con!


  8. Looks and sounds like a great trip, hope you’re having fun!


  9. says:

    I always struggle to read while travelling mainly because I fall asleep very easily on trains or flights but also because I usually travel with other people so i don’t want to be anti-social. However, I love love love reading a book on a beach while listening to the waves of the sea! And yes, I totally understand the problem of deciding how many books to carry on holiday, I always bring too many as well!


  10. savageddt says:

    Enjoy the trip👍🏻


  11. Alex79uk says:

    I was always against the idea of e-readers, nothing can replace the feel of a real book in your hands. But yeah, totally changed my mind a few years ago and now my Kindle comes everywhere with me. I read on my lunch break, whilst travelling, anywhere I can! It’s so much more convenient. I also read a lot of comics, and phone screens nowadays have got to a size I can comfortably read digital comics and carry entire collections in my pocket. I currently have over 40GB of comics on my phone, that’s literally thousands of the things! If someone had told me 20 years ago this would ever be thing I’d have laughed at them!


  12. Awesome that you’ve decided to take a trip alone.. I’m curious about your next destiny already and to see more pics and hear more about your travels! I always pack a back-up novel (or 2) myself as well!


  13. Awesome. Great ideas for catching some reading times. Enjoy your trip. You’re absolutely right, you’re at a great time in your life for traveling and exploring! Looking forward to your next posts! 😄😊


  14. Enjoy your trip and have fun at BookCon!


  15. Marie says:

    Have the best time on your trips, Trang, I’m so glad you took the leap, you should travel and enjoy it, that’s one of the best things to do, honestly haha. I love seeing your pictures and instagram stories, thank you for making me travel with you a bit 🙂
    This is wonderful advice – I always take my e-reader with me whenever I travel, it’s so much more practical and I take a couple books at most, because I never take too much time to read, either 🙂


  16. This is a great post, and I hope you’re having a brilliant time on your trips Trang, it sounds amazing and I really hope you love Europe. I’ve always wanted to visit Athens (one day) what other countries are you going to?
    I read so many eBooks, because I travel on trains to and from work every day it’s easier carrying my Kindle than a paperback. 🙂
    Great post, and happy travelling too. 😀 ❤


  17. A Europe trip? That sounds amazing! I always want to do one, I hope you’ll have an amazing time there! 😀


  18. This sounds like a lot of fun!! We did Italy last year for 17 days it was a blast. I managed to read one book that entire time. The only reading I really got done was on the trains. I feel icky on the flights and can’t really read. We didn’t do any tours so we took a lot of public transit and lots of walking so I found it so hard to squeeze in. But your right about airport time!!


  19. Kindles are great for travelling, but did you consider that your ereader breaking down is a good excuse to go book shopping?


  20. I hope you enjoy your trip, my gorgeous friend!!!💚💚💚 Happy Reading and have a blast!!!😘🌈


  21. I hope you’re having an amazing time and I look forward to reading all about your travels!

    I am planning a solo trip later in the year (scared! Eeek!), so this is v useful to me. I maaay have to finally get over myself and buy a Kindle.


  22. !! I hope you have a BLAST, Trang! This sounds fantastic. Which countries are you visiting? Obviously Italy and Greece… This is super exciting! I cannot wait to read your travel review post. 😀

    You don’t own an eReader?! Gasp! I’m so impressed. I need one if only for the superior battery life. I don’t know what I’d do without it. But, I’m glad you have a phone you feel comfortable reading on. That said, you paperback copy idea is essential. You never know when the battery will die or you won’t have access to technology. When you write your travel review post, let us know how well your reading went!


  23. vijaywriting says:

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  24. Sounds like you’re enjoying your trip. So glad you decided to take some me time. Your suggestions to fit in reading time were great. I take my iPad everywhere and use any spare time to read, even if only 5 minutes. The best part of traveling with an e-reader is you can slow your pace to fit your mood. ♥️


  25. Terez Szabo says:

    I real everywhere! On buses, public transport, airports, hostels, restaurant. So many people kept coming up to me saying it is so nice to see someone reading, which after a while just got annoying. People it’s a book, not a new invention!


  26. E books and back up paperbacks really help! And wow three countires in a week- that’s amazing!!! 😀 Hope you had an *amazing* time!!!


  27. Great tips! I always struggle to read when I’m travelling, I get distracted so much by everything that’s going on outside the window and I end up with like 1 or 2 pages read in a 3 hours trip… !

    Can’t wait to know where you’ve been for your Europe’s tour! I already see you’ve been to Rome 😉


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