Scythe : Killcraft Training In the Age of Immortality


I have the very bad habit to always postpone the reading of a book whenever the book gets too good. Am I the only one?! I would start to SLOW DOWN on purpose and not read it for a few hours. This is what happened with this book. I also postponed this review hahah but now it’s time to get all my feelings out there.

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Picture a future where we achieved immortality through science (Altered Carbon anyone?) There’s no illness, there’s no more accident, no hunger. We have Reviving Centers if someone decides to stab us to death. But what do we do now?

We decided to implement a new order: The Scythes. They are the ones who have the duty to “glean” random people to keep the population stable and not overflowing. Sounds weird huh? But they have a very strict agenda: they must train to kill, know their chemistry and toxins, they must be fair with ethnicity ratio and age, they have to look up the stats and kill in lines with the objectives.


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I tend to be very skeptical towards YA dystopia stories. They’ve been averaging maybe a 3 stars out of 5 for me (think of Divergent series, The 5th Wave, etc.), because while they explore some interesting aspects, there was always something missing.

However, Scythe might have just changed the whole game for YA scifi and dystopia novels. 

This novel represents what makes dystopian novels great at the start. A complex and intriguing world building, the main characters are equally developed and the cherry on top : the side characters are even more interesting. I get to learn about different kind of Scythe Masters and how they differ from each other by their teachings and values. A lot of time, it makes you reflect on the value of life and death and the ethical questions that come with it.

It’s fast paced and yes, the violence is present from the beginning to the end. It’s not one of those gory violence. No. The act of gleaning unravelled slowly to not overwhelm the readers but the pace is fast enough to keep us on our toes.

My favourite part has to be the ending and how the characters managed to reach the ultimate resolution.

It’s plot twist after plot twist, a ride that will ingrain in your mind.  

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This is the first novel of the series Arc of A Scythe #1, and now Thunderhead (Arc of A scythe #2) waiting for me ❤

Ft me LOL


Have you read this book ? Do you intend to ? 😀 Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

A big thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for giving me a free copy to review! 


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19 Comments Add yours

  1. I so want to read Scythe so badly!!! It looks amazing! I’ve been very hesitant about YA dystopias, too, lately–mostly because the stories I’ve read always had the same structure to the point where it was predictable. But I feel like Scythe breaks those boundaries.


  2. Priyasha says:

    That’s a beautiful review ❤…
    I can’t wait to read it myself ❤


  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Nope…you are not the only one. I do that with books, but also with tv shows.Watching one episode at a time to postpone the inevitable end. And when it finally does arrive…I wish I had taken more time for it lol. This sounds like a terrific novel by the way. Glad to hear that it finally seems to turn the tables on the YA genre. As always, great post! 😊


  4. It has never occurred to me to put a book down because it was too good. Of course, I’ve also been accused of eating too fast. Sex, on the other hand…


  5. Fantastic review! Love the sound of this one!


  6. I love love love Scythe so much! I read it earlier this year and it blew me away from the word go! I hope you enjoy Thunderhead too 😱


  7. Fanna says:

    I have yet to read this amazing book! I’ve been stalling reading this because I want to buy Thunderhead first so I wouldn’t have to kill myself waiting for the second book in the series. This sounds like a great read ❤ And yes, totally agreed to slowing down on purpose so the book can last longer 😀


  8. Your review just convinced me to read this book. Thank you! 😀


  9. Norrie says:

    This is such an intriguing series!
    Love the mention of Altered Carbon, i loved that book!


  10. Great review Trang ❤ I love this series so much! It certainly raising the YA dystopian bar to new heights. Thunderhead really expands on it all too. You are in for a treat 😉


  11. Oh my goodness! My favorite series EVER. I can’t wait to see your thoughts on Thunderhead. And I can’t wait for the third book to come out next year!


  12. This book has been really hyped and I want to read this so bad!! I loved anything that have to do with grim reaper and despite haven’t read dystopian in a long time, I’ve heard a lot of people loving this book!


  13. bookwormmuse says:

    There is such a hype around these books and I am almost intimidated but I do wanna read them!!!


  14. Great review for this book Trang, and I’m so glad you loved Scythe as well. I really enjoyed the world building, mainly because it didn’t feel like a dystopia the way other dystopian books do you know? They’ve achieved immortality so in my mind that makes it more of a utopia even with the Scythes! 😀
    Also have you started Thunderhead yet?! It’s even better in my opinion. 🙂 ❤️


  15. honya says:

    Glad you liked this one. Shusterman is such a great author, I would recommend all his books, but this one in particular is quite excellent. 😀


  16. Great review! This is on my wishlist but there’s just so many books and so little time…


  17. I am definitely going to have to check out this series! I have always been intrigued by it but a 4.8 rating by you, Lovely! I just can’t pass it up! Fantabulous Review!❤😘📚


  18. Also love the photo of you, Gorgeous!❤😍


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