Bestsellers 2018 – Are They Worth The Hype ?

Other books I reviewed that I find are worth the hype: 

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30288282 Top 5 Books of 2018
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I must remind you that this is only my personal opinion 😉

Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada, Flatiron Books, Simon and Schuster Canada for the copies of this book in exchange for an honest review! 


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  • Good post! I am sure that plenty of people will find this helpful if they are on the fence about reading certain books. I’ve only read one from your list (so far), but some of the others are on my TBR list. The general consensus for “Children of Blood and Bone” and the “Book of the Ancestor” series is that they are fantastic. I plan on reading these before the year is over.


  • This be an excellent post matey! I certainly get worried when there is hype for a book given that I tend to go against the current and dislike a lot of hyped books. I don’t do it on purpose. Sometimes I wait awhile for the hype to die down before picking up a title. I hope ye do more posts like this in the future. Arrr!
    x The Captain


  • Fun post! I have to admit though that I just finished An American Marriage and struggled with some of it. I have a review coming, but think I fell more into the middle with it. Children of Blood and Bone so worth it 💖 and have no doubt I will agree with Grey Sister 😉


  • I’m not a fan of Caraval either, so there was no question that I would NOT pick up the sequel. I just didn’t want to waste time. But there are lots of bloggers who love it, I guess it just isn’t for me:-)


  • Yea…I wasn’t going to try the sequel to Legendary. I really didn’t like Caraval. The characters drove me nuts with their decisions.


  • Children of blood and bone is the only book i know of. Ive been thinking of getting it for my wife, but im not sure she will like it


  • I only read Red Rising from your list, but i too think it was worth it.
    Caraval made me really curious, and i have the book already but not sure when i will read it. I have read a few reviews, but trying to avoid them, cuz maybe you know, i get overhyped or something.

    Sometimes that can ruin a book for me.


  • Great post!! There have been so many hyped books this year and everyone I’ve read has seriously let me down so far. I think my most disappointing/ overhyped book was Furyborn. I really want to see if the hype around Children of a Blood and Bone is real.


  • I’ve come across the Pierce Brown novels and was tempted to purchase them, but they looked very confusing to read. Now that you say they’re worth it, I might revisit that decision. As for An American Marriage, that one is on its way to me in the mail as I write. Can’t wait for it!


  • Oh this is such a great idea for a post, I love it 🙂 I’m sorry that Legendary wasn’t worth the hype for you! I’m still on the fence about reading it – I enjoyed Caraval, but I didn’t fall in love with it either, yet I keep reading fantastic reviews about Legendary, so….. I don’t know what to do, but I’m in no rush to decide, either, haha 🙂


  • I loved Red Rising too, but I can’t say it’s YA? It’s full of violence and rape and it’s totally adult. I have heard bad opinions about Iron Gold though! Not that it matters because I don’t have a copy 😀 and yeah, The Illuminae Files are definitely worth the hype 🙂 but I generally tend to avoid hyped books somehow xD


  • Hi Francoise, Thanks for making an enquiry. I have checked all the official websites and no dates have been announced as of yet. Don”t quote me on this, but usually the events are help within a few days of the previous years event (with it being March 2-13 in 2013). I do update my website frequently, so please be sure to check back and we will update as the information becomes available. Thanks Michael


  • This a great post! I’m sorry you didn’t loved Legendary. I actually liked it. I loved COBAB, and Obsidio. I haven’t read Grey Sister and Cruel Prince yet but they’re on my TBR list.


  • Great post! I did like Grey Sister better than the first. Looking forward to the next one.
    Children of Blood and Bone was good and I’m looking forward to Obsidio. I am so disappointed The Death of Mrs. Westaway wasn’t good. Love these type of posts. I find the hype is just that, hype. ♥️


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