The Outsider by Stephen King

Stephen King is one of the few authors who publish a new novel every year and still makes a big impact. And the saddest fact is, I’ve only read another novel from him. I still have a long way to go but I was super excited to read it when I received this copy from Simon&Schuster !


The novel starts off with a gory crime description (very graphic) and we follow the investigation from the Detective Anderson files and interviews to see what happened or why it’s so complicated. Indeed, all the witnesses and evidences point out to one specific guy : Terry, a coach loved by so many people in town but that is not possible because Terry has a very strong alibi, he was going in a conference in another city while the crime happened. In an event where his 4 other friends went and more than 100 people saw him attending the event and the supper that follows.



Like IT , you would notice that Mr King has a very special writing style. He can write about some concept and drag it to 200-300 pages. This is why I must warn you: this is a question of perspective. Some people love it and some people just don’t see the point why he has to do that. Then there’s me, a little bit in the middle. For this book, I like the fact he builds the suspense and provide us with a lot of details BUT I have to admit that sometimes I just skip some paragraphs because I noticed how irrelevant it is hahah. IMG_9457.png


What I love the most about The Outsider is the characters and I guess this is where the long descriptions came into play. He makes every single character authentic, if he wants us to hate someone we would, if he wants us to be mad at someone, we would. They are so raw and real. And sometimes you tell yourself: WTF THIS IS SO UNFAIR. Well guess what, the real life is like that. The justice system is not always fair. 

“People are blind to explanations that lie outside their perception of reality.” 


 After 250 pages (half of the book), where you follow a very confusing investigation and try to solve this puzzle and you keep wondering omg what is the genius behind this murderer? How did he do it?!And then.. he hits you with.. it’s..supernatural BITCHES. 

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I’ve read a lot of reviews where they send that’s a recurrent theme in Stephen Kings’ novels LOL Where he would put you through an excellent book only to disappoint you with the ending. Did this happen to you before? 




  • I love Stephen King and I have read a lot of novels by him (This one I haven’t read yet), but I do have to admit that some of the endings to his novels are problematic at best. (And then there are those that don’t even end but just leave you hanging and don’t resolve anything).But he still is a terrific writer, and there a lot of novels by him that are some of the best that I have ever read. Did you know that his son writes too and has released a couple very cool novels as well? His name is Joe Hill and I highly recommend his novel NOS4A2, which is a truly great read. Wonderful review as always ! 😀

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      • Haha…not many people know it’s his son ( he has deliberately not named himself King). But NOS4A2 is absolutely terrific, and I would say that it’s even better than some of the books his father wrote and that’s saying something. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that one, when you get a chance to read it 😀


  • Lol I wouldn’t expect it to NOT be supernatural. It is Stephen King xD most of his books are about that. I’ve read close to ten and only one wasn’t supernatural. So I’m not surprised 😀 it’s also true that King is a master of dragging it out. But I’ve always enjoyed that.

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  • I absolutely love the way he writes, and he does characters so well! Like, everyone’s real ❤
    I've been reading his books since i was 14, and read most of them. Outsider is still waiting for me on the shelf… Majority of his books has some sort of supernatural element, but it's the kind i like. For example i don't like vampire stories, but he had a vampire in Salem's Lot, and it was awesome. So creepy! And it was more about the people of the small town than the vampire himself.

    He does have a few stories that have no supernatural stuff, for example Blockade Billy, which is a novella, Shawshank Redemption, Cujo (as far as i remember the dog just went rabid, nothing supernatural), Mysery, Dolores Claiborne, The Body. There might be others, but these are the first that come to mind.


  • I actually stopped reading King with Mr Mercedes BECAUSE there was no supernatural. Without an outside agency perpetuating the evil King describes, I find I don’t want to read about horrible people doing horrible things. Give me a force for evil and boy howdy though, I’m good to battle on through.

    That book is HUGE. I know it is a hardcover and all but still. I don’t think my wrists could have stood the strain. Thank goodness for ereaders 🙂

    And best of luck on your continuing King quest. Hope you get around to some really good ones.


  • I’ve been meaning to pick this book up and you definitely made me more intrigued to read it. Amazing review!


  • I had to chuckle because I think King’s endings are part of why I respect and love him so much as a writer. I have only ever heard complaints about one books ending. But he doesn’t always just hands us what we want and expect, and I appreciate that so much! And that supernatural element drives his plots beautifully I think! But I have not read him in a while and you have reminded me that I am overdue. I can hardly keep up with him haha. Fantastic review Trang 💜


  • King is one of my favorite authors but I haven’t been able to read his more recent books. I love that there is a supernatural element in this book, because that is what he’s known for😁


  • I love King, you definitely should read more books by him. He definitely has a way with his characters, and I don’t understand how he can come up with amazing premises for all his books. But anything with gore and disturbing things, just sign me up! 😀


  • I haven’t read anything by Stephen King, so even though you’ve one read this and one other you’re still a step ahead than I am Trang. 🙂 I feel like he’s one of those authors who you kind of have to say you’ve read a book by at least once, but I’m not really a fan of horror so nothing he’s written really appeals to me. I’m glad you enjoyed this one Trang, shame about the ending though. 🙂
    Great review! 😀 ❤


  • I’m really excited to start this. For me, the last good book from King in recent years was 11/22/63. I really need a good book by him to rekindle my interest in his work, and this looks promising.


  • Oooh, why is your cover so much prettier than mine? I have the paperback edition and it’s orange 😀

    Anyways, I am about 100 pages in and didn’t read the end of your review. But I am really intrigued so far and have to agree with you about King making everyone so authentic! I never complain about his characters. Only about his weird endings and repetitions^^


  • I’ve never read any Stephen King and I always feel like it’s a huge gap in my library. I’ve never heard before that he spins stuff out so much (the enthusiasts don’t mention it!!) and to be honest that sounds like a writing style I would struggle with. To put you through a whole investigation and then not give you the explanation also just seems plain mean.


  • I have read so many bad reviews and just a few goods! mainly for the audiobooks an the good ones were for the narration XD I think that King is like 50/50… 50% of his books are horrible and on the other 50 he nails it so damn hard! haha I am excited to read this book after all the reviews and judge it by myself, and yes, I like what you said, that he will make you love or hate a character XD


  • This was a really interesting read for me. I’m not a horror fiction fan but I am fascinated by the appeal of Stephen King as a writer. Plus he’s written see pretty inspirational stuff for other writers too. I wouldn’t have been let down by the supernatural turn at all! Makes it more fun!


  • Great Review. I think with King, his books are all very well written, but like anyone some are better than others. But I do think he is great at writing characters. I read IT and thought it was ok, but needed some editing. But I read The Shining after and was completely hooked. He’s a little hit or miss for me, but some of it I would say is mood.


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