Bookworm Turn Ons

No this is not about erotica literature or what turns me on at night. This is about a whole new level of turn ons: books or should I say bookish things.  What excites or delights me the most ? Let’s find out !

The Smell of Books

Sometimes I just open a random new book and smell the hell out of it. There’s something so peaceful to it. Am I the only one?

Image result for smelling books gif

Gorgeous Book Covers

I think the saying : “Don’t judge a book by the cover” , applies to ANYTHING but books LOL I know we are all guilty of that.

Free Bookmarks

You know when you buy books from libraries and they randomly put bookmarks in the bag or in the book?

i owe you GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals


Someone Reading A Book You Recommended

If they like it, 100x points for them, but if they didn’t like it it’s more discussion time ! But either way : hells kitchen thank you GIF by HULU

Finding A New Favourite Book

You know that moment where you read a sentence and you are so amazed by the writing or everything just clicks and the book makes sense. You are realizing slowly that not only your love for this book just begins but it will last forever.

real housewives of atlanta burn GIF by Identity


Super excited when I go home and I see a bookmail waiting for me. It’s like Christmas in summer ! gift reacting

Seeing A Stranger Super Focusing On A Book

On a train, a bus or even just sitting in the park, my eyes immediately go toward The Reader.

neil patrick harris thanks GIF

Finishing A Really Long Book or Series

proud self five GIF by Zara Larsson

People Asking You About Books

you got this naturi naughton GIF by Power

Once it begins, there’s no way to stop me. You are warned.

The Sight of Bookshelves Packed With Books

I find that looking at my bookshelves have a very therapeutic effect on me, it relaxes me. It’s not even organized or anything but it feels like just the mere sight of books reassures me. They are telling me, welcome Home.

(c) Trang-Bookidote – featuring my old bookshelves hehe


When a Book Ending Takes On an Unexpected Turn

loop oh snap GIF

You’re so absorbed by the book that you don’t realize where you are anymore

pulp fiction art GIF

Did you have your own bookworm turn ons that you would like to add on the list? Can you relate to these points too? LOL Let me know in the comments below!

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