Books for Non Readers

Over the years, especially since I became a book blogger, the ultimate question people asking me is:

What should I read if I don’t like to read?

Even if I can’t understand the Non Readers species, I genuinely love answering this question because 1. although the person knows they don’t like to read they made the effort to actually want to learn to love reading again and 2. it gives me a good reason to use my long list of book recommendations.

Image result for laugh evil gif

Recommended for Boys or Girls? Men or Women? Everyone. I know men in their thirties enjoying these books as well as 16 years old teenage girls.

For People Who Are Scared of Big Books

51CBSQW0CbL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

Super short novel but plenty of suspense. Makes your heart skips a beat at every page. The strength of this novel is the world building. It’s disturbing and so out of place.

41a5BWKGeGL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Love Her Wild

My Favourite poem collection of all times. The poems are super simple, easy to understand but so sweet. It makes me realize that choosing the right words are way more efficient than saying a lot of them.

For People Who Enjoy Action

9781250076960_p0_v4_s550x406Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

This book is written as if some movie scenes are happening in front of your eyes. The set of characters is amazing and it’s super fun to read. If you enjoy the adventures of a squad of criminals dealing with drugs and magical powers, you would enjoy this.

For People Who Enjoy Science Fiction

Fans of Star Wars movies or Star Trek? Ender’s Game? Why not try the books?

34859132Star Wars: PHASMA

Set through the eyes of Captain Phasma, It’s packed and filled with action but also happening inside of Darth Vader’s lair. A real page turner. You wouldn’t realize time passing by or that you missed your next station because you were reading in the bus. #truestory

51eHVZ-yB5L._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_The ILLUMINAE files series

My favourite book. That’s a big statement from me. If you enjoy weird, funny but also a psychopath A.I, you might want to try this. Do not let the references and science pages scare you. You can easily read the story.

For People Who Want A Good Laugh

wth did I just readWhat The Hell Did I just Read by David Wong

HILARIOUS. It’s a parody of horror books and movies with the right amour of humour. It’s vulgar but it’s totally justified for this medium haha.

For People Who Want To Escape 

51Xs1z2wvELMistborn: Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

A great author, definitely recommend to anyone who likes great world-building and detailed magic system with very well developed characters.

For People Who Needs Illustrations

Did you know a lot of novels come in GRAPHIC NOVELS?Image result for smirk gif

As much as I love reading books, I also love arts and reading graphic novels is a great combination of those two fields.

51Sc9+dTqDLGame of Thrones Vol.1 

I’m one of those people who love Game of Thrones TV Series but I can never start the books anytime soon. So I tried the graphic novel! It’s super good and you can read it in one-sitting. A lot of details that you don’t get to see on television.

123d9b136225a6c8d168b280d264906cLocke & Key by Joe Hill 

If you like a dark fantasy vibe combined with great characters and beautiful illustrations. Joe Hill is a renown author and in this series, he surpassed himself. Not only as a storyteller but as a fantasy writer.



You may have different reasons why you don’t like to read. It can be a very bad book that marks you forever or being forced to read a bad book at school. Or simply reading words on a white page is a boring activity for you. Whatever your reasons, if you wish to plunge back into this marvellous of reading, I hope this post would be able to help you a little 🙂




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