Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review : Queen Musicality At Its Best

I left the movie theatre in awe and first thing I do is go on the internet and see if the reviews share my point of view! (Raise your hand if you did that for book and movie reviews haha) but then to my not-so-surprising-anymore, the critics absolutely hate it and you know what, I realized :

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For The Music and The Experience

The movie will deliver in the box office no matter what the negative reviews say because it has one essential element that everybody will go out to watch it: the music and the revival of Queen as a band and as a family. A lot of people of my age calling me an old soul because I still have my CD player at home and I have two albums that I played over and over again: Queen and The Beatles. I always found comfort in their music. While The Beatles have a more positive sunshine energy, I listened to Queen for its drive, its appetite, the adrenalin pumping in my veins and its theatrical repercussion. When Rami Malek starts singing the first Queen song, my heart stopped for a few seconds and I find myself jamming to the song and all the lyrics just flow out on its own. It’s like my whole body was prepared for this moment.

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I absolutely love seeing the behind the scenes of how each and every song was created. I already adored Queen but after seeing the movie, I realized how I love their songs even more. I didn’t know that was possible.


A big 10/10 for the cast, the acting was on point. From Rami Malek Oscar worthy performance of Freddie Mercury to Gwilym Lee whimsical’s reincarnation of lead guitarist Brian May and Ben Hardy taking on the role of the lead drummer, Roger Taylor. Can you imagine how much pressure Rami Malek has on his shoulders while playing Freddie Mercury? This is a band formed in 1970 and it amazes me how 50 years later, I still know every single it of their songs. My friends listen to at least 4 of their songs in their lifetime without even knowing it. That’s how much Queen is anchored in our culture. Having to reproduce all the single moves on stage, to the emotional distress of Freddie Mercury, Rami Malek had to do a lof of research. And it paid off.

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  • Lol, I don’t care about what the critics say pretty much all of the time 😂😂 A friend of mine went to see the movie as well this weekend, and she said the same things: she really enjoyed it. Queens music is timeless, and it always will be (I would probably be singing along with all the songs in the theatre as well 😂😂). Great post, and I’m glad you enjoyed it so much!


  • I’m excited to see it and I don’t care about the reviews really but I did read an article today that said that the movie isn’t completely accurate when it comes to the portrayal of Mercury’s life.


  • Is ‘musicality’ a real word?

    I love Queen and have been looking forward to this film. In so many movies of this kind, there is a temptation to shine a light on the uglier side of rock stardom, but from what I understand, this is supposed to be a positive flic all the way through.


  • Oh my gosh, Trang, I love Queen so much. I’m a lot older than you and I own all their albums (as in VINYL) I don’t care what critics think either, I can’t wait to see this.


  • … I’ve been hearing some pretty mediocre things about this one. I’m excited to see it though. Good to hear that you enjoyed it!!
    I’m worried about the amalgamation of voices (the singing was part Freddy himself, a little Rami and some Christian musician named Marc Martel) but, I’m glad you said it was done well! 💖💖


  • Trang I so agree with you! I wrote the review on my I Heart Character last week as I needed “someone unique” and Freddie sure fit the bill to a T! I also wrote that the cast was stellar, that I loved knowing how the songs were created, that I loved the songs…and like you I went to read the reviews after and was flabbergasted that they were not good!


  • I’m glad you enjoyed this film Trang. 🙂 I haven’t seen many critic reviews for Bohemian Rhapsody or anything but the trailer looks incredible, I love Queen’s songs, and my mum and sister have both seen this film and both really loved it. That’s enough to let me know if I get to see this film I’ll love it as well! 😀
    Great review. 🙂 ❤


  • This is definitely a movie I intend to see. Although I had heard scattered songs of theirs over the years, I only fully discovered Queen as a band shortly after I watched Highlander for the first time a few years ago. Very few performers in history come close to Freddie Murcery’s vast vocal talents, and he had a great band to back him up.


  • Freddy Mercury was a rock star literally. I am definitely catching up on this very soon. I will be hearing the Queen tonight, thanks to your post!


  • Omg since I learnt they made a movie about Freddy Mercury and Queen I’ve been looking forward to watch it !! 😍 I love Queen and seeing one of their shows is my dream (too bad it will never happen 😂). Watching this movie sounds close enough though hahah.
    Great review!


  • Ahh, I really want to see this movie myself. Rami Malek is THE perfect actor for the role and I saw a 10 minute interview where he spoke about the movie and that alone already blew me away! 🙂


  • Woooo!!! Glad for your review of it. Was planning to go see it in theaters but other stuff popped up and messed up my plans. Still plan to see it though because I like Queen. Your review got me pumped.


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