This Mortal Coil – This Cruel Design Reviews

It took me some time to review this series but here I am. Finally. I wanted to wait to finish reading the sequel and make a post about my experience.

This Mortal Coil

I had no idea what’s the book about when I first pick it up. When I discovered it was about a dystopia-illness-ravaging-the-earth kind of story, I rolled my eyes. Here we go again. I guess I’ve read too many YA novels with that theme, it just doesn’t excite me anymore.

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(C) I love this pic from Ashley @ NozeGraze, check out her review too!

However, what may sound cliché in the beginning turns out to be something else entirely. It has one of the most intricate world building and detailed scientific explanations in the history of YA genre. This is something I enjoyed quite a lot, the nerd in me was satisfied haha. Fair warning : I noticed on other reviews that if you’re not fond of heavy science facts it may be a turn off for you.

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You’ll find gene splicing, the dark side of science and technology, the violation of freedom and what does it mean for humanity. The only downsides are the characters and some plot holes here and there. I’m not a fan of the heavy romance but hey, maybe that’s just too much for my taste and you may enjoy it.

This Cruel Design

I know some people may not even start this series so there’s no point in spoiling the plot for the sequel. But if I might add, what lacks in the first book was compensated in this one. Rare are the sequels not suffering from the crappy sequel syndrome and this one is one of them. Hell, it’s even better than the first book. Action-packed, fast paced and A LOT of twists and turns are happening. For those who hesitated to continue with the second novel, I can say that This Cruel Design confirms Mortal Coil as a series worth continuing.

(c) Bookidote – Trang

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for the copy of This Cruel Design ! 




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