The Best and The Worst Poetry Books of 2018

A lot of people are saying poetry is a long lost art. But as with everything else, I don’t think it’s lost. It’s changing and adapting to the context and the society we live in. Yes, some would argue that poems by William Shakespeare and Victor Hugo are much better than todays’ poems, but “better” is such a subjective word. The same goes for novels considered classics right? I know people who enjoy Jane Eyre and some people just can’t get through the 10 first pages because it’s too boring for them but enjoyed reading Game of Thrones instead. And that is okay.

Here’s a list of modern poetry that I greatly appreciated or that I found completely bullshit LOL. Again, it’s my personal opinion you don’t have to agree with it, reviews are here for a reason 😉


The Dark Between Stars by Atticus 

Loyal to his art, Atticus delivered yet again a magical revisitation of heartbreaks, love and the meanings of life. One of the biggest strenghts of modern poetry and the most important factor for me is the capacity to say much with only a few words. How to carefully choose the right words can play such a big role. 

                Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for this copy!

Fierce Fairytales by Nikita Gill 

Nikita Gill managed to balance every page with a good moral and message, from mental health to girls surviving abuse, she transformed our everyday fairytales into a survival guide for girls all over the world. It will do more than stirring your soul, it will move your heart and make you realize there’s a thin line between heroes and villains, princesses and stepmothers.Fierce Fairytale Trang’s review

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Thank you to Hachette  for this copy!


The Worst of 2018

God of Shadows by Lorna Crozier

Starting out as a great concept where the author would name all the different Gods in the world with an original imagery, ends up being a big mess of randomness. The writing IS beautiful. However, as much as poets love to be mysterious and secret, you must at least give the reader some context or references. Without it, I feel like I’m being thrown a dictionary of different gods and what they do in life. I also tried to search the meaning behind the positive reviews and I messaged the reviewers.. Maybe I missed something. But nope, some even reply to me that they gave a 5 stars just because the author is a friend of them.. They didn’t even read it. Wow.


Thank you Penguin Canada for the copy!



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